Business Plan Pro Complete - Windows [Digital Download]

Running a business takes a lot of passion, vast knowledge of your specific industry, and acute organizational skills. You have the passion. You have the know-how. Don't let all the overwhelming minutiae of managing a business hold you back from your dream - Business Plan Pro Complete is here to make your life exponentially easier. What Business Plan Pro Complete is designed to do is take someone that may not have a background in finance or business, and offer a clear picture of where their business stands and where the future could take them. The picture is painted with easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and tables that don't require a Masters' degree in accounting or economics to understand. With over 500 sample business plans, it's nearly impossible to find a plan that doesn't suit your specific needs. Find out where your business stands among other companies in your industry with detailed industry research, so you can compare your financial forecasts to your colleagues'. Don't waste your time in complicated spreadsheets - just plug in your numbers and let Business Plan Pro Complete's Built-in Plan Review handle the rest. Business Plan Pro Complete is fast, thorough, and trusted.
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Palo Alto Software
  • Genre: productivity software
  • Release Date: 07/08/2014
  • Platform: Windows
  • Filesize: 53 MB
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Product Features

Take the guesswork out of writing up your business plan with the help of business planning expert Tim Berry

Identify the state of your business quickly and accurately with comprehensive financial graphs and charts

Compare your business forecasts to established companies in your industry and easily identify any trends or discrepancies

Impress any potential investor with Business Plan Pro Complete's complete business plans that easily export to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Produce professional financial reports without having to fuss with complex spreadsheets or math, as built-in financial formulas automatically calculate the numbers you input

Count on accuracy and bullet-proof financials with a built-in Plan Review that checks your work

Get the jumpstart you need with over 500 sample business plans and thousands of examples designed to help you get ahead

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