Chicken Hunter — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
Mild Cartoon Violence
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Product Details

  • Publisher: MumboJumbo
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 05/08/2011
  • Original Release Date: 03/04/2008
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These aren't the calm, easy-going birds you usually see on a farm. They're a gaggle of mischievous, mess-making chickens determined to cause trouble. The longer they run free from the coop, the worse things get. That's where your shotgun comes in handy. Target these trouble-making chickens to rack up points, but be careful — a missed shot can make your score go down. Some birds are worth more than others, but all are fair game. Start blasting away and put an end to the chaotic country madness.

Chicken Hunter offers three unique games to play as well as two unlockable bonus games. Choose the one you want and start exploring the exciting animated environments. When a bad-to-the-bone bird enters your field of view, use the stylus to take your shot. It's not as easy as it seems — these crazy chickens run, fly and hide all over the place. Direct hits send your score through the roof, while misses deduct points from your total. Move the screen left or right for new scenery. Ruffle some feathers and show these bird-brained beasts who is boss.

Product Features

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Use the DS stylus as a shotgun to blast away at the chickens

Chickens run, fly and hide all over the screen for loads of challenges

Rack up high scores by accurately hitting your targets; your total goes down when you miss

Choose from classic shooter, puzzle and combined puzzle and shooter games, plus two unlockable bonus games

Move the screen left or right for a change of scenery

Watch the hilarious chickens pull off silly stunts throughout exciting animated environments

Boost your score by specifically targeting birds with bigger bounties on their heads

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