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Shopping for a New Desktop

Types of Desktop Computers

You'll find a variety of all-in-one computers and tower-and-monitor setups available at Best Buy, including the Apple iMac and PC models from other popular brands. There are several options, each with their own benefits. An all-in-one PC features all of the circuitry built into a large monitor, resulting in a streamlined unit that often includes an integrated webcam and easy connectivity to a wireless network. Portable all-in-one computers feature a touch screen and can function as a desktop computer or large tablet. Compact desktops feature a smaller chassis so you get the features of a traditional desktop and the benefit of a smaller footprint. You might also consider a gaming desktop that's easily upgradable and has room to pack some serious computing power. Don't forget to pick up a wireless or wired computer mouse to pair with your new desktop computer.

Desktop Computer Features

To find the best desktop PC, Mac, or all-in-one computer to fit your specific computing needs, it is valuable to compare features and the available components. Your computer's processor and system memory determine how fast you can run applications and how many programs you can have open at once. Most desktops feature an Intel or AMD processor.

A minimum of 2GB random-access memory (RAM) is required for basic computing, while 4GB or more is recommended if you'll use your computer for gaming, graphics or advanced photo or video editing. The more storage your computer offers, the more items you can save on your computer. Different types of storage also affect the start and wake times for your computer. A hybrid hard drive or solid state drive will start and wake up quickly. Most traditional and compact desktops are sold without a computer monitor so you can choose your own. Browse the monitor's features to find the right one suited to your desktop computer's primary functions.