Buying Greener Electronics

Best Buy and EPEAT make it easy to buy affordable, environmentally preferable electronic products

Monitor and Laptop

EPEAT is the definitive environmental rating system for electronics. EPEAT-registered devices meet dozens of criteria, including ENERGY STAR, and are designed for increased recyclability along with reduced toxic content, solid waste, energy use and emissions.

Choose electronics that reflect your passion for protecting the environment

The EPEAT system combines comprehensive environmental criteria with ongoing, independent verification. Products on the EPEAT registry are subject to unannounced audits at any time, with results publicly reported. EPEAT registration is your assurance that the high-performance technology you buy is responsibly designed and produced to respect the environment.

Make a real impact

More than 533 million EPEAT-registered devices have been sold worldwide since 2006. Over their lifetime, those devices will deliver significant environmental benefits compared to products that don't meet EPEAT criteria. For example:

  • The reduction of more than 394,000 metric tons of hazardous waste
  • The elimination of enough mercury to fill 2.3 million fever thermometers
  • A reduction in solid waste equivalent to nearly 86,000 U.S. households' annual waste

Join the movement

Every time you buy a product that's registered in EPEAT, you're joining millions of others to help give manufacturers an incentive to produce greener electronics that are less harmful to the environment.

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