Defendin' De Penguin — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone
Mild cartoon violence
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  • Publisher: Crave
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Turn Based Strategy
  • Release Date: 10/27/2010
  • Color Category: Multi
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Life as a penguin is pretty cool. Little Blue certainly thinks so, anyway. In his cozy, snowy hometown, he has everything he could want. But when the town's fish supply comes under threat from a variety of hungry animals, Little Blue needs to act quickly. Help him determine the best way to defend his town against invasion by big, greedy creatures determined to have more than their share of the fish. Do you have what it takes to protect the fish supply, or will Little Blue and his fellow penguins find themselves overrun by hungry invaders?

In Defendin' De Penguin, an exciting real-time strategy game ideal for kids of all ages, the fate of an entire penguin colony depends on you. Put your creativity and strategic thinking to the test by installing towers designed to defend the town against the hungry animals, upgrading your towers as the attacks escalate and wielding ammunition that includes snowballs and icicles. Fend off attacks by woolly mammoths, snapping turtles, seals and other determined creatures as you strive to safeguard the penguins' food supply so Little Blue and his friends remain safe and well fed.

Product Features

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Apply your skills in tower utilization, defensive placement, timing and strategy to help Little Blue protect his town's fish supply

Select from eight different tower types designed to help you repel the animals running amok in the town

Pummel the invading creatures with a variety of environmental ammunition, including snowballs, icicles, ice cubes and frost

Upgrade your towers to increase their attack range and strength so you can fend off stronger, smarter and bigger creatures

Help Little Blue fish for money, retrieve special objects on the map and complete other actions that will help him save his town

For 1 player

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