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Sunpak - PlatinumPlus 5858D 58" Tripod - Black - Angle
  • Model: 620-585BB
  • SKU: 1802042
Compatible with select cameras and camcorders; 58" maximum extension height; 3-way pan head; quick-release plate; geared center column; built-in level; leg foam; aluminum, rubber, plastic and steel materials
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus Ultra 6000PG 61" Tripod - Black - Angle
  • Model: 620-600-UPGBB
  • SKU: 5012101
Compatible with most cameras and camcorders; 61" maximum extension height; 24" minimum extension height; pistol-grip ball head; self-leveling rubber feet; geared center column
Joby - GorillaPod SLR-Zoom and Ballhead Bundle - Black/Gray - Angle
  • Model: GP3-BHEN
  • SKU: 9639247
Designed for use with most DSLR cameras with zoom lens; supports devices up to 6.6 lbs.; 360-degree panning and 90-degree tilting ballhead; flexible legs; foot grips; quick-release clip
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus Mini-D 11.5" Tripod - Angle
  • Model: 620-120BB
  • SKU: 6238662
Compatible with most compact digital and film cameras and camcorders with a standard 1/4"-20 socket; extends up to 11.5"; 2 extendable leg sections; locking ball head; tabletop design
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus Ultra 7000 2-in-1 70" Tripod and Monopod - Silver - Angle
  • Model: 620-700TMBB
  • SKU: 5043881
Compatible with most cameras and camcorders; 70" maximum extension height; converts from a tripod to a monopod; 3-way pan head; built-in bubble level; folding carry handle
GoPro - Karma Grip - Black - Angle
  • Model: AGIMB-002
  • SKU: 5634405
Compatible with HERO5; includes camera cage, mounting adapter, USB cable, lanyard, safety strap and carrying case
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus 4200XL 42" Tripod - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: 620-420BB
  • SKU: 5191931
Compatible with most compact digital cameras and camcorders up to 2 lbs.; 8 leg sections extend from 11" to 42"; nonslip rubber feet; metal construction
Targus - Grypton Pro XL Tripod - Black with gray trim - Angle
  • Model: TG-GT80G-101
  • SKU: 5732337
Compatible with most action cameras up to 5.5 lbs.; flexible legs; ball head
GoPro - Tripod Mounts - Black - Angle
  • Model: ABQRT-002
  • SKU: 4503900
Compatible with most GoPro action cameras and industry-standard tripods; includes tripod mount, quick-release tripod mount and mini tripod
Manfrotto - 60" Compact Action Tripod - Black - Angle
  • SKU: 4854011
Compatible with most entry-level DSLR cameras with a 1/4" mounting thread; 60" maximum extension height; 17.8" minimum extension height; adjustable quick-release locking system; ergonomic handle; carrying bag
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DJI - Osmo Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer - Angle
  • Model: CP.ZM.000449
  • SKU: 5613400
Compatible with most smartphones; 3-axis gimbal system; Bluetooth connection; up to 4.5 hours battery life; ActiveTrack technology; DJI GO app; live streaming
GoPro - Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts (6-Count) - Black/White - Angle
  • Model: 130-02095-000
  • SKU: 6775829
Compatible with most GoPro digital cameras; waterproof design; removable with heat
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Sunpak - TravelLite Pro Reverse Folding 63" Tripod - Black with red accents - Angle
  • Model: 620-601BB
  • SKU: 5310001
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Compatible with most camcorders and cameras up to 6.6 lbs.; 63" maximum extension height; 14.3" minimum extension height; reverse folding legs; removable professional ball head with quick release plate; rubber feet
Sunpak - PlatinumPlus 6700M 67" Monopod - Black - Angle
  • Model: 620-670BB
  • SKU: 1802024
Compatible with most cameras and camcorders that accommodate a standard mounting plate; 67" maximum extension height; leg foam; aluminum leg; rubber foot with retractable leg spike
Joby - gorillapod Tripod for Digital Cameras and Camcorders - Angle
  • Model: GP1-01P
  • SKU: 7933864
Compatible with small and compact digital cameras and camcorders; flexible joints; slim-line attachment; ring-and-foot grips
Targus - 50" Tripod - Silver - Angle
  • Model: TG-5060TRW
  • SKU: 4954663
Compatible with most camcorders and cameras up to 2.4 lbs.; 50" maximum extension height; 17" minimum extension height; built-in bubble level; built-in fluid system; 3-way pan head; rubber feet
GoPole - Evo 24" Floating Extension Pole - Clear - Angle
  • Model: GPE-10
  • SKU: 3285793
Compatible with GoPro HERO action cameras; extension pole and flotation device; for use in water; transparent pole with highly visible grip; includes Wi-Fi remote clip and wrist strap
Joby - GorillaPod Action Tripod With Mount for GoPro Cameras - Black/Red - Angle
  • Model: JB01300
  • SKU: 3877003
JOBY GorillaPod Action Tripod With Mount for GoPro Cameras: Compatible with most action camcorders; off-body point-of-view; flexible legs; quick-release mount; ABS plastic, TPC rubber and stainless-steel materials
Insignia™ - 6" Tripod - Black - Angle
  • Model: NS-SFLX6B
  • SKU: 2741034
Compatible with most small cameras and camcorders with a 1/4" mounting thread; 6" maximum extension height; ball head; flexible foam-rubber legs; rubber feet; compact design
Manfrotto - 65" Compact Action Tripod - Black - Angle
  • SKU: 4853012
Compatible with most entry- and medium-level DSLR cameras with zoom lenses and a 1/4" mounting thread; 65" maximum extension height; 17.3" minimum extension height; 3-way head; locking system; carrying bag
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Joby - GripTight GorillaPod Stand Tripod for Select Cell Phones - Black - Angle
  • Model: JB01256
  • SKU: 9235047
Compatible with most cell phones; quick release system; flexible legs
Sunpak - Handheld Stabilizer - Angle
  • Model: SP-VLB-GRIP-4
  • SKU: 5244901
Compatible with most camcorders, cameras and action cameras
DigiPower - Quickpod Extreme Monopod - Black - Angle
  • Model: TP-QPXT
  • SKU: 1319454
Compatible with most GoPro cameras; Apple® iPhone® adapter; built-in mirror; aluminum material; includes hiking clip, wrist strap, floor bumper and nylon carrying case

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