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Home theater setup in living room

Turn Your Home
Entertainment Dreams
into Reality

Magnolia Home Theater offers superb audio and video gear that allows you to enjoy the power and beauty of the ultimate home entertainment experience.

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Home theater setup in living room

& Services

Enjoy a premium selection of services and brands like Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan and Definitive Technology. Plus, experience demo rooms where you can try these products out for yourself.

Audio setup in living room.

Design Center

As the flagship of the Magnolia brand, our Design Centers offer state-of-the-art showroom environments as well as a greater selection of audio, video and home automation gear from brands like McIntosh and Sonus faber. And with their dedicated staff of engineers, installers and system designers, they can meet and exceed any home entertainment dream.

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Installation & Protection

& Protection

TVs. Geek Squad.
TV & Home Theater Installation

Relax and let Geek Squad® install your TV, set up your home theater system and connect them all to your network.

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TV & Home Theater
TV & Home Theater Protection

Rest easy with product protection plans. We'll repair your TV or home theater equipment if something goes wrong.

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Magnolia Home

Brands & Services

Design Center

Installation & Protection

The 4K Ultra HD
TV Experience

Viewing television with four times greater resolution than standard high definition is like watching a window to the world. Immerse yourself in sharper color, smoother action, ultra clarity and enhanced 3D viewing.

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4K Ultra HD

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Simplify your search for a flat-panel HDTV.
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Get advice on building your entertainment experience.
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Take the guesswork out of finding the correct TV wall mount.
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Easily choose the best remote control for your home theater setup.
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