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Shopping for a New Cell Phone

Best Buy has a great selection of the latest cell phones for sale and the best plans from the top carriers. Choose from a variety of mobile phones including basic cell phones for calling and texting; smartphones with apps, great cameras, and Internet access; no-contract phones with month-to-month payments; and unlocked phones with the ability to change carriers. If you are looking for a great price on a new or refurbished mobile phone, be sure to check out our latest cell phone deals.

Comparing Cell Phone Plans

Choosing the best cell phone plan for you and your family is a big decision. Thankfully, Best Buy offers a great selection of plans for all the major carriers. Several different cell phone plan options exist, including two-year plans, monthly installment plans or leases. Monthly installment plans, such as Verizon device payment, AT&T Next or Sprint Easy Pay, let you spread the cost of your phone over time with low monthly payments and give you the option to upgrade early. No-contract phones offer month-to-month prepaid plans with no long-term contracts. Unlocked phones use interchangeable SIM cards so you can easily move from carrier to carrier, which is a great option for international travelers.

Selecting Your Cell Phone Accessories

Best Buy has a wide selection of accessories for your mobile phone. Choose a rugged cell phone case to protect your phone from the rigors of everyday life or select one with a fashionable design. Don’t forget to add a screen protector to protect against scratches. Pick up a cell phone charger for your car so you can stay powered up on the go. Or better yet, purchase a portable cell phone charger so you'll never run out of juice even when away from an outlet. Shop our extensive selection of cell phone accessories.