Fossil Fighters Frontier - PRE-OWNED - Nintendo 3DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
Crude humor, Fantasy violence
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  • Fossil Fighters Frontier - PRE-OWNED

Product Details

  • Developer: RED Entertainment
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Release Date: 03/20/2015
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You've finally landed on Vivosaur Island — known around the world for its Fossil Stadium, where dinosaurs are revived from ancient fossils and then fight against each other in thrilling, hair-raising battles. As a child, you often daydreamed about an ancient time when dinosaurs roamed the world freely. You've spent countless hours imagining and acquainting yourself with the different types of dinosaurs — the stealthy, fast-footed movements of the Velociraptor, the gaping jaw of the T-Rex with rows of glistening, razor-sharp teeth, the long, elegant neck of the grazing Brachiosaurus and the spiky back and hardened exterior of the Stegosaurus. As a Fossil Fighter, your childhood dreams have now become reality. It's your job to unearth dinosaur fossils, clean them and watch as they transform into impressive, battle-ready Vivosaurs. Do you have the skills to revive some of history's most powerful creatures?

Fossil Fighters Frontier is the latest installment in the Fossil Fighters series, delivering more intense action and more places to explore. Hop into a buggy and drive around exotic locations in search of excavation sites, searching through ancient ruins, exploring sunken pirate ships and more. As you drive, set off radar blasts to help discover and unearth hidden fossils. Once you've found a set of fossils, clean them using hammers, drills and other tools on your Nintendo 3DS touch screen — but be careful to be thorough, since a careful cleaning will result in a stronger, more effective Vivosaur. Find and collect more than 100 different Vivosaurs and then make them fight enemy Vivosaurs in exciting, turn-based battles. Take on a friend in head-to-head battles, excavate dig sites as a three-player team or partake in six-player, three-on-three Vivosaur battles. Will your Vivosaurs reign supreme or will they be sent back into extinction?

Product Features

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Unearth dinosaur fossils, clean them and watch as they come back to life and transform into powerful Vivosaurs — ready to battle

Explore Vivosaur Island — home of the world-famous Fossil Stadium — where you can delve into ancient ruins, search through the wreckage of sunken pirate ships and drive around exotic locations in search of excavation sites

Set off radar blasts, so you can quickly discover buried fossils as you drive around

Select an appropriate type of buggy for your task — racing buggies go fast, making it easy to quickly reach faraway places, while carrier buggies allow you to transport more items

Carefully clean each fossil of excess rock and debris using a variety of tools, such as hammers and drills — but don't be hasty — a steady hand and keen eye to detail make your Vivosaur stronger and more effective when it comes time to battle

Collect more than 100 different Vivosaurs and pit them against enemy Vivosaurs in strategic, turn-based battles

Challenge a friend in head-to-head battles who's within range of your system using DS Wireless Play or trade extra fossils for new ones

Excavate dig sites as a three-player team via local online play or bring the Vivosaur you're training to join six-player local and online Vivosaur battles, fighting three-on-three in a stadium (wireless Broadband Internet access required for online play)

Playable in 2D and 3D; 3D mode for 7 years and up

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