GoldenEye 007 — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

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  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Release Date: 02/16/2011
  • Color Category: Multi
  • Product Name: GoldenEye 007 — PRE-OWNED
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The classic GoldenEye story returns in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo DS. Featuring Daniel Craig and an engaging, updated single-player storyline, GoldenEye lets players relive memorable movie moments as 007 — infiltrate the dam and destroy the facility, chase Ourumov in a tank and investigate the secret jungle base. Take on up to five friends in exciting multiplayer action that occurs over eight action-packed maps. Challenging game modes like Golden Gun mode, unique game modifiers and an arsenal of classic weapons allow a customized game match every time.

The exciting world of James Bond comes to life once again in GoldenEye 007. Showcase your best spy moves by surprising enemies covertly, and using Bond's high-tech gadgets to uncover intelligence. Then lock and load when you engage in dangerous firefights against adversaries. Fight through the updated single-player storyline that features Daniel Craig as 007. Story mode features 18 action-packed levels that engage you with unique puzzles and collectables — then replay your favorite levels with Time Trials mode. Engage friends in exciting multiplayer action that takes place over eight thrilling multiplayer maps. Up to six players can choose from a variety of game modifiers, game modes and weapons-customized gameplay. Do you have what it takes to become 007?

Product Features

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Game may not include original artwork and/or manual

Exciting updated storyline features Daniel Craig as James Bond, written by Bruce Feirstein — the screenwriter for the original GoldenEye movie

Sneak up on enemies covertly or engage in thrilling shootouts against dangerous foes

Utilize Bond's latest gadgets to uncover secret intel

Unlock unique puzzles and collectables through 18 action-packed levels in Story mode

Replay all of your favorite levels and challenge your friends in Time Trials mode

Engaging and intuitive controls for the Nintendo DS let you smash open doors, access encrypted keypads and crack enemy databases

Relive classic GoldenEye movie moments such as infiltrating the dam and destroying the facility, chasing Ourumov through the streets of St. Petersburgh in a tank and investigating the secret jungle base

Take the fight online over Wi-Fi with up to five other players on eight exciting multiplayer maps, and compete in challenging game modes, including Golden Gun mode

Create a distinctive gaming experience each time you play with unique game modifiers and an arsenal of classic weapons

For 1 player locally; up to 6 players online

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