Hip, Hot and 21/Hot Thrills and Warm Chills [Special Edition] [DVD]

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Special Features

  • Sizzlin' Southern-flavored trailers for Eat, Drink and Make Merrie; Miss Jessica Is Pregnant; and Spiked Heels and Black Nylons
  • Vintage Peepland short #1: Just Two Hot
  • Vintage Peepland short #2: Cherry Flip
  • Vintage Peepland short #3: Muscles and Bustles
  • Gallery of underground sexploitation movie-magazine covers with audio oddities


Hot Thrills and Warm Chills
Sexpot jewel thieves, skirt-chasing cops, and a wild party that serves as a distraction for the caper of a lifetime collide head-on in the overstuffed plot of this sexploitation drama. Toni (Rita Alexander) is a saucy gal with big hair, flashy clothes, and the impressive ability to balance a cocktail glass on her bust. Toni used to lead a life of crime, and after settling down in Rio de Janeiro she decides to put her old gang back together for one last heist. Toni brings former partners in theft Kitten and Dodi to Rio and clues them in to her scheme to steal the jewel-encrusted crown of the queen of the exclusive Sex Ball thrown during the upcoming Carnivale celebrations. Kitten and Dodi are game, but things become difficult when a slick guy named Eddie picks up Dodi during a night on the town. It turns out Eddie is a cop with a unquenchable thirst for the ladies, which has put his career with the force in jeopardy, but just this once his womanizing ways have put him on the trail of a major robbery. Kitten drops out of the heist at the last minute, and Toni and Dodi are forced to pull off the robbery on their own, with Eddie on their trail if he can keep himself from getting fired before he finds the goods. Hot Thrills and Warm Chills also features a guest appearance from former Russ Meyer starlet Lorna Maitland as a histrionic topless dancer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Hip, Hot and 21
An innocent country girl is introduced to several varieties of big-city corruption in this wild sexploitation feature shot in Texas. Diane (Diane Darcel) is an attractive young woman who has just turned 21, making her practically over-the-hill in the eyes of her degenerate stepfather. Stepdad arranges for Diane to marry Rick Edwards, a good-looking and well-to-do local boy, in exchange for "lending" him 50 dollars (he opts not to tell Rick when the bridegroom accidentally forks over an extra 20 bucks). While Diane isn't at all happy about the situation, she goes along with the bargain, but when the dawn breaks after her wedding night she discovers Rick has abandoned her at the sleazy motel where they were staying. Diane is "befriended" by Michelle, a drug-addicted lesbian who is running a prostitution ring out of the motel, and she attempts to turn Diane out until Michelle's luck takes a turn for the worst. Left to her own devices, Diane maps out a plan to rob 15,000 dollars from crime boss Al Hoffman, but her life of crime turns out to be a dead end. Hip, Hot and 21 also features a guest appearance from Lorna Maitland (star of Russ Meyer's Lorna) as a well-endowed exotic dancer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Cast & Crew

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    Jean Manson - Kitten

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