HISTORY Legends of War: Patton — PRE-OWNED - PlayStation 3

ESRB Rating: Teen
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  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Genre: Strategy & Simulation
  • Release Date: 11/06/2012
  • Original Release Date: 11/20/2012
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Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. General George S. Patton knew what went into securing victory on the battlefield — more than bullets and blood, triumph is dependant upon intelligent strategy, tireless spirit and strong leadership. It was with his keen tactics and powerful command that Patton's Third Army conquered Axis forces in the battle-ravaged terrain of Western Europe during World War II. Deployed to the front lines of the most explosive conflict the world has ever seen, would you have the courage under fire to lead Americans to victory? HISTORY is yours for the making as you relive the action of the Second World War.

With the world on the brink of a Fascist takeover and the freedom of every citizen on the line, HISTORY Legends of War: Patton asks you to step in the line of fire and command American troops to victory in the crucial Western European Theater. Advancing the turn-based strategy game to a new level, HISTORY Legends of War puts the success — or failure — of Patton's Third Army in your hands, as each decision you make profoundly impacts the outcome of the war. Embark on the exact trail of the famed WWII general and encounter Axis forces in a variety of Attack, Defense, Infiltration and Sabotage missions, using historically accurate bombers, tanks and weapons to wreak devastation on the battlefield. Build and enhance your army using prestige points that give you a leading edge. Feeling confident in your strategies? Challenge a friend to turn-based combat in the multiplayer Hot Seat mode, and prove that you're a worthy soldier. Will you go down in history as one of the great Legends of War?

Product Features

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Command the American army to victory in the battle-ravaged Western European Theater at the height of World War II

Execute strategic maneuvers as part of a turn-based system that puts you at the helm of a historic warfront

Lead your troops through the exact path that General Patton's Third Army traveled during the Second World War, where heavy fighting commenced between the United States and Germany

Engage enemy forces in four different types of missions, including Attack, Defense, Infiltration and Sabotage

Employ historically accurate bombers, tanks and weapons to seize triumph on the battlefield

Improve and enhance your army using prestige points

Pit your best military tactics against a friend's in the multiplayer Hot Seat mode

For 1 to 2 players

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