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Buying a Microwave

You may think that your microwave simply heats up leftovers or frozen food, but today's models, packed with modern technology, are able to do so much more. Best Buy offers a variety of microwave ovens, including microwaves on sale, so you're sure to find the best microwave at the perfect price to fit your kitchen space.

Microwave Types

If you aren't able to make a built-in microwave work in your space, both mid-size and full-size countertop microwaves as well as compact microwaves will rest directly on your countertop.

The most common built-in microwave is an over-the range microwave, which, as the name implies, is mounted to the wall above your range, and requires both installation and venting. A microwave drawer, when installed, pulls out from your lower cabinets and eliminates the need to lift heavy dishes above the stove.

Microwave Power

Microwaves are usually available with wattages between 500 and 1,000, where a 700-watt microwave boils a cup of room temperature water in just over two minutes. Some colleges have wattage limitations for their dorms, so check with the school before buying a microwave for a new student.

Microwave Features

One of the most common new microwave technologies is convection, which blows heat around your food for faster, more even cooking. Convection cooking can brown foods as a broiler would and create crusty baked goods you might normally bake in an oven. Microwave sensors can gauge the internal temperature of food and adjust the oven's power level to compensate, or shut off the oven automatically. You can even grill food in a microwave: radiant heat surrounding your food can sear the outside without creating a rubbery interior. If you want to cook more food at one time, check into microwaves with a rack. And, if easy clean-up is important to you, choose a microwave with a porcelain enamel or stainless steel interior.