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Meet hue: Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips hue combines brilliant LED light with intuitive technology that lets you control all the colors in the hue spectrum to create the perfect setting in any room.

How it works:

Begin with a starter kit that includes the hue hub and light bulbs.

Use the bulbs included with the starter kit in your existing sockets, or add up to 50 hue bulbs at any time.

Control your lights from your smartphone or tablet using the free hue app.

Only one starter kit required

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See the Benefits of hue

Personalize your lighting with tunable white light or a full spectrum of color to relive a sunset or bring the calm of the ocean into your home. Set alarms for your hue system, or even tell hue when to welcome you home. And, hue "Light Recipes" are designed to create the perfect environment for reading, relaxing, concentrating or even energizing.

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The wireless LED light bulbs provide tunable white light and stunning colors. They dim. They flash. They pulse. And they screw into existing light fixtures. Choose from the hue bulb which is ideal for table lamps, floor lamps and pendants, or the hue downlight that's perfect for recessed cans in living rooms and kitchens.

hue Lux

Lux, a soft white light that can be dimmed, fits into standard light fixtures and lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control the light settings. It's a perfect way to start your Philips hue environment. Then, you can add hue colored bulbs and Friends of hue products at any time.

Friends of hue

LightStrips bend and shape to offer a flexible way to decorate your home using colored light. Add the hue Bloom for beautiful indirect ambient lighting, or the hue Iris that's designed to highlight larger areas. Create the perfect setting and even sync with your favorite music for stunning light shows.

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Create the perfect lighting environment in any room with the hue starter kits, light bulbs and Friends of hue products in the photos below.