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Personalize your lighting with a full spectrum of color to create the ideal mood. Program lights to match your routine.

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Connect your Nest devices to other compatible products around your home.

Combine LED light with intuitive technology to create the perfect setting for any room.

Easily control and monitor your home with the SmartThings Hub, app and compatible products.

Simple, customizable products that let you control electronics from a connected device.

Use your iOS device to interconnect and control these smart home products.

Compatible smart devices to help you customize your security and management systems.

Connect the SmartCode Door Lock to your security and automation system to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.

These Z-Wave-enabled devices can be easily added to your ADT Pulse network.

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Ensure your networking devices are providing the speed you need to automate your home.

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Monitor and provide access to your entryways, set your thermostat and more away from home.

Control your home temperature, unlock your front door and more with a connected device.

Expand your entertainment with a streaming media player.

From cooking to cleaning, these products can save you time and further automate your home.

Expand your connected experience from anywhere with a smartwatch, camera and more.

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A Smart Home is a Connected One

What Makes a Home Smart?

A well-planned smart home lets you connect devices that offer you both convenience and safety, and can even help you save money on your energy bills. Smart home technology can learn your lifestyle and adjust your thermostat and lights, based on when you're home and awake. Security systems and home monitoring systems make it easy for you to keep an eye out when you're not home, while smart door locks and garage door openers controlled by smartphone apps make for easier entry when you arrive home.

Home Automation for Safety and Home Security

The best home security systems allow you to monitor all that happens in your home from wherever you are. Many smart video security systems are controllable from anywhere and simple to set up, allowing you to get alerts if the camera detects movement in your home. For additional safety, choose a smart alarm that will communicate with your mobile device if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, or door locks that will alert you if a door is opened when you aren't at home.

The Convenience of a Connected Home

Adding an outlet control or smart switch to your home will let you control your lighting, electronics and appliances from your smartphone or tablet. Smart lighting products let you turn your lights on and off from almost anywhere, or program a timer to gradually increase light intensity to ease you out of sleep. You can also create custom schedules that can be easily adjusted, and set your lights to automatic schedules.

Connected baby monitors let you check in on your little one after you've put her to bed. A video system also lets you check up on your pets when you're away. Choose a smart thermostat that will monitor your home's temperature over time, plus create custom schedules to optimize your comfort and save energy.

A smart home can feature smart products for the outdoors too. Choose a smart sprinkler system to control, manage and change your sprinkler directly from your phone. Or choose a smart garage door opener you can control from your device and get an alert whenever someone opens or closes the door.