Horror Collector's Set: The Fear Chamber/Passed the Door of Darkness/Marked/Lost Souls [DVD]

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The Fear Chamber
A Los Angeles detective has a series of nightmarish hallucinations that help him track an elusive organ thief who is terrorizing the city. Women are being killed all over town, but the murderer isn't leaving any clues. Meanwhile, Detective Nick Ferguson (Rhett Giles) begins suffering from bizarre visions that leave him dazed and confused. When Detective Ferguson learns to embrace his newfound sense of second sight, he realizes it may be the key to stopping the murder spree. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Passed the Door of Darkness
A madman turns normal people into killers by setting a series of complex lethal traps. Rookie homicide detective Chris Malloy (Matthew Prater) and Detective Murphy MacCasey (Mark Colson) are working the midnight shift when they walk into one of the grizzliest crime scenes they've ever encountered. The following night another body turns up. There's a killer on the loose; he calls himself the "Shadow of God," and he tricks people into killing their loved ones in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Laura MacCasey is Detective MacCasey's estranged daughter. She was just coming home to see her boyfriend when a shotgun rigged to the door blew half of his head off. Terrified, she turns to Detective Malloy for help. But ever since he had a face-to-face encounter with the killer, Detective Malloy hasn't been the same. Before long the killer will be unmasked. Until then, everyone is a suspect. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

A paranormal researcher seeks to solve her father's murder by catching the man who killed him, only to find that true evil possesses the power to cheat death. Ever since her dad was killed, Diella has developed an obsession with the supernatural. Today, she and a team of paranormal researchers use advanced technology to search for evidence of life after death. The harder they search for clues, the more ominous the messages from the other side become. Before long Diella and her team are peering into the mind of a madman, experiencing things beyond their realm of comprehension, and facing a fate far worse than death. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Lost Souls
Although this made-for-TV chiller would seem to have been inspired by The Amityville Horror, it actually has a closer kinship to To Kill a Mockingbird. Moving his family into their new home, tech writer Victor Robinson (John Savage) can't shake the feeling that someone is already living there. Well, not exactly "living"; thanks to an ancient Edison invention activated by Victor's autistic daughter, the family begins picking up disturbing echoes of a murder that occurred there eight years ago. Even worse, one of the Robinsons' neighbors is a child killer, who will strike again unless the spirits of his past victims can make themselves known. First telecast November 12, 1998, Lost Souls was originally part of UPN's weekly "Nightworld" movie series. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Cast & Crew

  • Richard Tyson
    Richard Tyson
  • Rhett Giles
    Rhett Giles
  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams
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    Miranda Kwok

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