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ExpoDisc - 2.0 77mm White Balance Lens Filter - Clear - Angle
  • Model: EXPOD2-77
  • SKU: 8313074
Compatible with most DSLR cameras that accommodate 77mm filters; lets you set custom white balance and meter for 18% incident exposure; image sensor dust mapping; includes portrait-warming filter gels
ExpoDisc - 2.0 82mm Professional White Balance Lens Filter - Black - Angle
  • Model: EXPOD2-82
  • SKU: 1132106
EXPODISC 2.0 82mm Professional White Balance Lens Filter: Compatible with DSLR cameras; neutral and portrait white balance; 18% incident exposure metering; image sensor dust mapping; push button mount
Rogue Photographic Design - Flash Gels Color Correction Filter Kit - Assorted - Angle
  • Model: ROGUEGEL-CC
  • SKU: 1132115
ROGUE PHOTOGRAPHIC DESIGN Flash Gels Color Correction Filter Kit: Compatible with most standard accessory flashes; enhances image color balance; labeled with color, f/stop loss value and white balance correction icon; includes 18 gels
Cokin - 85mm x 85mm 81B Color Conversion Filter - Warm Effect - Angle
  • Model: CP027
  • SKU: 6217062
COKIN 85mm x 85mm 81B Color Conversion Filter: Compatible the Cokin P series holder; corrects ambient light; orange-tinted; removes bluish cast from open shade; adds warmth
Cokin - H220 Black-and-White Photography Lens Filter Kit - Yellow/Red/Green - Larger Front
  • Model: CH220
  • SKU: 8613276
Compatible with most lenses when used with appropriate-size adapter ring (not included); P Series filter holder; yellow filter; red filter; green filter

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