1. Buy Back App? What's that?
    We all know that technology moves fast. Well, the Buy Back App gives you the tools to keep up. This app lets you re-skin your phone's keypad from different eras, tells you how much money you could get back from your old tech with the Buybaculator, and even comes with a mobile phone Upgrade Checker (for AT&T and Verizon carrier phones only).
    *Not yet available for iPod Touch, iPad, Android or Blackberry.
  2. Where and how do I download the app?
    Telephone time traveling is as easy as going to the Apple App Store, searching "Buy Back" and clicking download. Download now.
  3. What's included?
    Lots of tools that will help you keep up with the speed of technology.

    This application includes:

    Turn your phone into a time traveler. With a simple flick or shake, your mobile device will transform into a Telephone Time Machine. In each era, your phone's keypad will be re-skinned to fit the look and sound of devices from that time — everything from a vintage rotary phone to a classic flip to a future phone that requires your fingerprint. You’ll soon have the most stylish phone in town.

    If math isn't your strong suit, you're gonna love the Buybaculator. Pick a product within a category (mobile phone, laptop, netbook, tablet and/or TV) and scroll in its price to learn your Best Buy® gift card amount over time.

    Are you ready for the next big mobile phone? The upgrade checker will tell you. Just provide your mobile number, zip code plus mobile carrier, and we'll let you know when you're ready for an upgrade. Simple as that.
  4. Where do I go for additional questions?
    Sometimes even a FAQ can't answer everything. You can send all your inquiries to, send a questions on Twitter to @Twelpforce or go to to get answers now.
  5. Will there be future updates?
    Yes. Look out for updates that will continue to help you Future-Proof your tech.
  6. Is it safe for my phone to travel through time?
    You're fine. Just don't hit any butterflies.
  7. What should I do if my app isn't working?
    Stop, drop and roll (just for fun). Then check your phone for updates. If you're still having trouble, try reinstalling the application. And if all else fails, you can contact us directly for help. Email us at, send a question to @Twelpforce on Twitter or visit our forum at We'll do our best to get your Buy Back App up and running in no time.
  8. How do I find out more about what Buy Back is?
    It's good to be curious. Just visit to learn everything you’d ever want to know about the Buy Back Program.