1. How do I redeem my Buy Back plan?
    Simply go to any Best Buy location* and bring your device, any originally included accessories that came with the device, and the original receipt documenting the purchase of the plan and the device.

    * Best Buy Mobile stores only accept mobile phones for Buy Back. All other Best Buy retail locations accept all products for Buy Back.
  2. What if my product is broken?
    Your product must be in good working condition, with all parts and accessories, to receive the maximum amount back for your device. If the product is damaged or defective, you may receive a reduced buy back amount or nothing if it is substantially impaired.
  3. How much will I get back with the Buy Back program?
    If the product works, includes all the original parts, and has normal wear, you should get the full amount of your buy back or 10% above the trade-in value,1 whichever is greater.

    The program follows a simple schedule:
    • Redeem your Buy Back within 6 months of the effective date, and get up to 50% of your original purchase price
    • Redeem your Buy Back within 6–12 months of the effective date, and get up to 40%
    • Redeem your Buy Back within 12–18 months of the effective date, and get up to 30%
    • Redeem your Buy Back within 18–24 months of the effective date, and get up to 20%
    • Effective date starts 31 days after purchase
  4. When I redeem my Buy Back plan, how my product is assessed and how does that determines how much money I get back?
    Geek Squad® Agents perform a condition check using our proprietary software system. This tool enables us to conduct a fair appraisal with standardized metrics for each product covered by the Buy Back program. Devices will be given one of three classifications:
    1. GOOD or FAIR. The device is fully functional with no technical problems, and only a few scratches due to normal use. If the condition of the device is Good or Fair, you'll receive the full Buy Back amount.
    2. POOR. The device has one or more of these issues: Minor functional damage or product failure that can be easily repaired; and more than normal visible wear and tear, including cracks, dents, scratches, dirt, user-added stickers and other signs of use. If the condition is Poor, the Buy Back amount will be reduced by 50%.
    3. SUBSTANTIALLY IMPAIRED. The device has one or more of these issues: It has functional damage or product failure that affects its ability to perform its function or impairs its use and cannot be easily repaired; it has been recalled by its manufacturer, and has not been repaired or replaced previously; it has water damage or damage from other fluids; it shows indications of a serial number modification; it has insect/rodent infestation/damage. All damage described in this case must be repaired either under manufacturer warranty or service plan, or at your cost, at your request. The device will not be accepted in Substantially Impaired condition and the cost of the Buy Back program will not be refunded. If the device is considered to be Substantially Impaired, the device will be rejected.
  5. What if I feel that I should receive more back for my product?
    The Buy Back value of your product (in good condition) was given up front when you purchased your product. If you have concerns regarding the valuation, we do always welcome and value feedback from our customers — just talk to any Best Buy employee for additional information.
  6. What if I want to return a product I purchased with Buy Back within the Best Buy return policy window?
    You will also receive a refund on your Buy Back program purchase as well.
  7. Will my product end up in a landfill?
    Best Buy is committed to responsible handling of discarded electronics, working through multiple channels for reclaimed product:
    • Best Buy Secondary Markets channels or other Best Buy resale outlets (resale)
    • Geek Squad® Service Centers (for parts and refurbished devices sold via the Best Buy outlets online)
    • Recycling
    For those items we cannot repurpose, Best Buy ensures the products will be responsibly recycled. Best Buy makes sure that the recyclers we work with adhere to industry standard guidelines so that these products don't end up in landfills and that all hazardous materials are disposed of properly.
1The Buy Back amount is expressed as a percentage of the Original purchase price of the Device. The Buy Back amount may be reduced from the amount listed in the schedule due to missing or inoperable accessories or included items. Effective Date starts 31 days after purchase.