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Whether you're venturing out for a long road trip or just running errands around town, in-vehicle entertainment is a great way to keep the troops happy. And watching captivating movies and favorite shows or playing video games is a sure-fire way to put an end to that all-too-familiar "Are we there yet?" onslaught from the back seat.

Consider your options
When it comes to car DVD players and video, we've got several excellent alternatives for you to consider. Perhaps you want the grab-and-go versatility of a portable DVD player. Alternatively, you may want the no-hassle convenience of a road-ready mobile video setup that's permanently installed in your vehicle. Either way we've got you covered with a host of options, below.

Portable DVD players ›
Portable DVD players are the least expensive and perhaps the most versatile of all car video options, because you can take them almost anywhere or easily transfer them from car to car. Portable DVD players are fully self-contained: The player, monitor, one or two speakers and headphone jacks are all together, within a lightweight, portable housing. Most models will play a variety of discs including DVD-video, DVD-R, CDs and CD-MP3 discs. Models that include video input jacks may also be used as a monitor for most gaming systems. Most models come with a car adapter that powers and keeps them charged, as well as an adapter for home use.

Advantages: Low cost; easy portability.

Considerations: Need to remember to pack; has exposed cords; screen sizes are typically relatively small.

In-dash DVD players ›
Most in-dash DVD players include a built-in monitor that retracts neatly within the housing when not in use. These players typically feature a 5.5"—7" swivel screen and include multimedia playback of DVD-video, DVD-R, CDs and CD -MP3 discs. (Some models are just the player and require connection to an external monitor to view DVDs). Many models feature touch screens for easy navigation through menus. Many models are also iPod-ready, satellite-radio-ready and some are also HD Radio-ready, so once they're connected, you can easily control these external devices directly from the in-dash DVD player. Some models also include a built-in GPS receiver.

Advantages: All-in-one units that are neatly integrated into your dashboard; no visible cords or wires; multiple playback options.

Considerations: Not easily transferred to another vehicle; may be difficult for persons in back seat to view the monitor; professional installation is recommended.

Overhead DVD players › and Headrest DVD players ›
Overhead and headrest DVD players share many similar characteristics. Each is permanently mounted within your vehicle. Overhead players are mounted to the roof and neatly integrated into the vehicle headliner within a cabinet; a flip-down monitor folds up when not in use. Headrest DVD players are mounted within the headrest area of the front seats, similar to video monitors on airplanes. Both types are easily viewed by back-seat occupants. Many models include an IR transmitter or FM modulator for playback of the audio track through your vehicle's stereo system. Both types typically include headphone jacks plus inputs for gaming systems and will accommodate the use of wireless headphones. Using both front seats permits the side-by-side installation of two headrest DVD players, allowing you to simultaneously accommodate the viewing and/or gaming preferences of multiple passengers.

Advantages: All-in-one units that are neatly integrated within your vehicle; provide optimal backseat viewing; no visible cords or wires; features multiple playback options; easy connection of an external gaming system.

Considerations: Mounted permanently and cannot be transferred to another vehicle; professional installation is strongly recommended.

Car DVD monitors ›
A DVD monitor is a screen that connects to a DVD player that is sold separately and housed elsewhere in the vehicle. DVD monitor types include overhead screens, screens mounted within the headrest, and external screens that may be custom-mounted in a location that best suits your preferences. The main consideration with DVD monitors is that they require connection of a separate player. A DVD monitor could be an excellent option if you have, or plan to get, an in-dash player that you'd like to be able to view from both the front and back seat(s). Most models include headphone jacks plus inputs for gaming systems and will accommodate the use of wireless headphones. If you are a fan of larger screens, an external DVD monitor (not mounted to your roof or headrest) could be a good option, since these monitors include screen sizes up to 20" or more.

Advantages: Allows multiple occupants to view the same movie or show; provides optimal backseat viewing; no visible cords or wires (unless connected to a portable DVD player); larger screen sizes and custom-mounting options are available.

Considerations: Requires connection of a DVD player (sold separately); may require permanent mounting; professional installation is strongly recommended.

Car video accessories ›
In addition to the media (e.g., DVDs, video games and CDs) you play in your vehicle, we carry a variety of video accessories you may find useful in your vehicle. Wireless headphones are ideal for keeping driver distraction to a minimum and for accommodating simultaneous playback of two of more DVD players. We also carry hubs and controllers to facilitate connection of additional components.

Car video installation:
We offer complete professional installation of all car DVD players and components. Installations are performed at Best Buy stores by our team of Geek Squad® auto techs. Installations include seamless integration of components within your vehicle for a factory-installed appearance, a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a satisfaction guarantee. For full details or to set up an appointment, click into our Car-installation services locator below to find a Best Buy store near you.