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How to Choose Marine Equipment

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Make A Big Splash with Marine-Grade Electronics

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A day of fun on the water with family and friends. Warm sunshine, great food, drinks and music. It doesn't get much better than that.

Time to gear up. Life jackets? Check. Filled the tank? All fueled up. Cooler? Chillin'. Got the GPS? 10-4. Rope tied to the anchor this time? Ay, ay, captain. Drain plug screwed in? Hey, that only happened once. Okay, the boating checklist is complete, but how about getting hooked up with the right electronics to rock your boat?

It's great to have your favorite tunes, satellite radio, 2-way radio and GPS navigation system in the boat, but what's up with all this marine-grade stuff? Why can't I just go with regular electronics? You could... but odds are, you won't want to. Read on to learn why marine-grade electronics are the right way to go.

It's all about the elements

It's all about the elements. The marine environment is harsh. Water and humidity can easily short out sensitive electronic equipment. Salt air and salt water are corrosive to wiring, circuit boards and metal parts. Sunlight and temperature extremes can cause components to crack, fade and under-perform.

Making the grade

Marine-grade electronics are specially constructed to withstand the rigors of environmental exposure. This includes water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, salt-resistant and UV-resistant coatings, components and construction to ensure long-lasting performance from marine audio and GPS products.

Get onboard with the right stuff

Here at Best Buy, you can shop with confidence in knowing that all of our marine electronics feature marine-grade construction, to make outfitting your boat with quality components a breeze. Check out our complete selection of Marine Electronics including:

     • Marine Decks
     • Marine Speakers
     • Marine Subwoofers
     • Marine Amplifiers
     • Marine GPS & Navigation
     • Marine Radio & Communication
     • Marine Accessories

Hook me up with an installation

At participating Best Buy store locations*, you can get affordable, professional installation of your marine electronics, performed by certified Geek Squad technicians. This includes connection, concealment of all wiring and seamless integration of components for factory-installed appearance, satisfaction guaranteed. Services include:

     • Marine Wire Run
     • Marine Stereo Installation
     • Marine Speaker Installation
     • Marine Amp Installation
     • Marine Satellite Radio Installation

Installation prices vary depending upon installation service and hardware selected. *Contact your local Best Buy store for more information or to set up an appointment at our mobile install department.