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3 Reasons to buy a DSLR

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Top Three Reasons to Buy a Digital SLR
Upgrading from a compact, point-and-shoot digital camera to a digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera opens up a new world of photography with more color depth, crisper images, and zoomed-in detail that only digital SLRs can provide. Watch a quick 2-minute demo and check out these top three reasons below to take the plunge and buy your first digital SLR.
1. Speed
One of the biggest frustrations with point-and-shoot cameras is that they are slow to turn on and very slow to shoot when you press the shutter. This is called shutter lag, and it causes you to miss great shots because you have to wait for the camera to catch up with your finger. You try to get a great shot of the baby smiling, but by the time the shutter goes off, you get her toddling away.

Digital SLRs are much faster than compact cameras, as they turn on and are ready to shoot in less than one second with almost no shutter lag. Burst or continuous shooting mode is featured on most digital SLRs and it makes them even faster. Simply hold down the shutter and shoot multiple pictures per second in succession. Most digital SLR cameras can take 3-5 frames-per-second, so multiple shots are easy. This feature is ideal for fast-action sports shots. Catch that wind surfer hitting a wave, or your ball player sliding into home plate!
2. Quality
The sensor of a digital SLR camera processes the light of an image into the actual digital file. Digital SLRs have much larger image sensors than compact digital cameras. A larger sensor provides larger pixels, and captures more light than a smaller sensor, which means better-quality images — especially in low light. Image processors on digital SLRs are often more advanced than on compact cameras.
3. Ability to Change Lenses
Thanks to interchangeable lenses, digital SLR cameras offer flexibility for those who want more manual control. No digital SLR is limited to the lens it comes with. You can buy whatever type of lenses you want and attach them for whatever type of picture you want to take. Want an up-close, telephoto shot? Ultrawide landscapes? There's a perfect lens to fit all of your photography needs.