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What is Geocaching?

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High-tech treasure hunting

What is geocaching?
Geocaching image Geocaching is the popular high-tech sport of GPS (Global Positioning System) treasure hunting. Using a GPS receiver, participants input given GPS coordinates to search for an outdoor treasure or "cache," which may be located virtually anyplace in the world. A handheld GPS receiver and a sense of adventure are the main requirements for geocaching.

It's about the journey and the destination
Not a treasure in the traditional sense, the cache is neither buried, nor filled with riches. But do not despair. Geocaching can be a challenging and rewarding adventure that gets you outdoors, discovering new sights and scenery, in addition to finding the cache.

A little give and take is the name of the game
A typical cache consists of a logbook, along with small nonperishable trinkets and souvenirs, placed within a weatherproof container. Upon finding the cache, the rules are very simple. You make an entry in the logbook. You may then take one item from the cache and are expected to leave one item in return. You then place the cache back in its original hiding place, leaving it as good as (or better than) you found it.

How do I find the cache?
Geocaching typically begins indoors by ascertaining the waypoints (i.e. GPS coordinates) to the cache you seek and planning your adventure. Visit geocaching Web sites to discover the coordinates to thousands of caches and geocaching events all over the world and to learn more about hiding and finding caches. The official global GPS geocaching site at is a great place to get started.

What do I need to get started?
You'll need the GPS coordinates for the cache you're seeking; appropriate outdoor gear suited to the type of terrain, distance and duration of your adventure; and of course, a good handheld GPS receiver. Check out our great selection of handheld GPS receivers to get geared up for geocaching today.