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Verizon Wireless

$99.99 Samsung Galaxy S 5

Save $100 with 2-year agreement. Or, $0 down for well-qualified buyers and get a $100 gift card.* Available in several colors, including Electric Blue only at Best Buy.

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*Monthly installment plan and gift card offer available in store only. Terms and conditions apply.
Best Buy Upgrade Checker

Best Buy Upgrade Checker

Eligible for a new phone? You can find out with the Best Buy Mobile Upgrade Checker.

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Verizon Edge

Verizon Edge

Upgrade on your terms, with no upgrade fees. With Verizon Edge, pay for your new phone over 20 months. After 30 days, with at least 60% of your phone?s price paid off, you're eligible to upgrade.

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Verizon Edge

Verizon Edge

Pay for your new phone over 20 months. Upgrade sooner and stay current with the latest phones.
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Make Any Phone Upgrade Your Upgrade

Don't want to wait until your contract period ends to upgrade your phone? If there's an upgrade eligible phone on your Verizon Wireless account, you can transfer that eligibility to your phone.
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