Nike+ - Sports Kit for Apple® iPod™ nano

Use your iPod nano in conjunction with your Nike shoes to record your workout with this sports kit that also syncs with your computer.
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Fantastic! Posted by: from: Austin, TX on If you have an iPod that you use for running, this is a must-have accessory! It helps you keep track of your runs and allows you to chart them on the product's website. If you like stats and data, you'll love this. It gives you a summary of your workout, including calories burned, distance, pace, time, etc so you can see how you're improving. In addition, it has a voice-over feature that gives you updates through your headphones on how you're doing. As a little bonus, it has a "Power Song" feature that allows you to easily and quickly turn on a preselected song that really pumps you up to help you push through that difficult stretch. I've only been using it a few days, but I love it! The one downside that I've found is that it isnt terribly accurate when dealing with large hills. This is easy enough to fix by recalibrating the sensor, but you should keep this in mind if you'r covering elevation. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you do not have the Nike + shoes with a spot for the sensor under the insole, you'll need to pick up a shoe band so you can attach it to your laces.

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Best sport item ever!!! Posted by: from: Manassas, VA on I just purchased this item and used it for the first time. It's super easy to set-up, it has quite a few different workout options, it's more accurate then the distance count you'd get on your treadmill, it's just perfect for my needs. It can be used with any type sneaker; if you don't have nike you just need to purchase the sensor pouch that attaches to your shoe laces. It can be used with any i pod, I'm not sure about the shuffle?! I couldn't be happier with this $30 purchase. I just bought an i pod for my mom and I'm going out today to get her a Nike sports kit!!! Highly recommended!!!!

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Wish it worked for all aerobic activities Posted by: from: Cleveland on If u do biking, elliptical, stair climber, this does not work for you. This strictly running; walking;. If your gym has the Nike + aerobic machines this will work. My gym is a large facility run by the hospital. Beautiful pools; tracks; equipment, but no Nike + machines. So no recording of data. You really need Nike+ shoe. Although you can purchase a pocket for the receiver, it really does not work as well as with the Nike+ shoe. I see there is also a Polar accessory avail., but when used, all info HR; miles, Cals., are not all viewable on the Nano screen.

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loved it immediately! Posted by: from: on I just got this and have fallen in love with it. It is a great way to keep track of your running. In the past I have sometimes opted for the treadmill as opposed to outdoor running because I wanted to know my pace, etc...but this little gadget does all that for just around thirty dollars, which is a lot more reasonable than those ultra hith-tech watches (which are great for those who are serious, but not worth the money for those amateurs like me!) I can say this was dead on with mileage because I ran a loop that I knew the count of. There are a lot of options for this in terms of downloading workouts, tracking progress online, and more. At first I was a bit disappointed it didn't give my mile split, however, it did give my best mile, so it may do this when I download it. Best yet, Lance Armstrong came on at the end of my run and congratulated me! This is worth the money, and btw, you *do not* need the nike shoes, just get the pouch or make your own! I did that because I couldn't wait to try it out, but the pouches are very cheap and I'm sure the best bet!

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Awesome Running Motivator Posted by: from: Riverside, CA on This is a great gift idea for the runner in your family. It is very easy to setup and sync with your computer. It encourages running and it's also challenging and fun because you can setup challenges with friends or join them online on the Nike website. Overall I am very pleased with this product.

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What's this? Running can be fun? Posted by: from: Ames, IA on This little accelerometer is a great addition to the iPod nano for anyone interested in running, jogging or walking around. It tracks distance, speed, time and calories burned and when synced with the Nike+ webpage (which is done automatically through iTunes), a graph of your speed vs distance run is displayed. It's definitely a great little device for those of us that like to see confirmation of a workout in such an easily trackable manner. The biggest negative for this device is that it's only for iPod nano, which isn't Nike's problem, but Apple just simply hasn't allowed other iPod's to use the Nike+ system even though it plugs in to them just fine. Why not? Who knows!

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returned it after one use Posted by: from: Benton Harbor, MI on Bought this since i have a iphone 3GS and recently decided to start walking/running. I got it from the BestBuy store who did not know enough about it to tell me about it so i just got it anyways. I used it once and found out that it was off by 0.5 miles in a 3.2 mile run/walk. The features on the software are not enough compared to other FREE apps like RunKeeper available that track everything you need including sharing them with friends on social networking sites. I would be crazy to pay for something when i can get something better for free. So i returned it and i guess am a happy customer.. :-)

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Awesome motivator Posted by: from: Richmond, VA on This may be the easiest item I have used. Everything was a breeze, just plug and go. The information is correct (I didn't even need to calibrate), and a great motivator to keep me moving through my 10K training. Thanks Nike and iPod.

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Not very accurate Posted by: from: Las Vegas, NV on I purchased this item to track my runs to get ready for a marathon. After running with it in a pouch connected to my laces I found it to be very inaccurate. No matter how many times I calabrated it, it was still giving me inaccurate data. It would tell me that I ran 6 miles when I ran 5 miles. I tried calabrating it on a treadmill and at .70 miles it said I had 200 M to go, which is about .15 miles. I then put it in the little hole of the shoe that is recommended and the tracking was still inaccurate. I would recommend looking at other options before purchasing this item.

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Great Motivator! Posted by: from: Nashville, TN on If you're looking for that one device that will help bridge technology and fitness, this is a great start. The best part about Nike+ isn't the sensor you put in your shoe, it's the website community you get access to. You can challenge frends and family, keep track of your runs daily and work through customized workouts from professional trainers, all for free!

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