Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge — PRE-OWNED - PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: Tecmo Inc.
  • SKU: 8858106
  • Release Date: 04/02/2013
  • 5.0 (2)
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  • Publisher: Tecmo Inc.
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Genre: Action and Adventure
  • Release Date: 04/02/2013
  • Color Category: Multi
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He's gone to dangerous lengths to reclaim justice for the fallen. He's delivered revenge where it was rightly deserved. Since the inception of the revolutionary Ninja Gaiden series, one masked warrior has stood head and shoulders above the rest. The quest to lift the deadly curse on him calls to Ryu Hayabusa — and it forces him to look deeper than ever into the dark, complex soul beneath his mask. Wherein lies the boundary between the warrior and the man? Only you can decide as you wield the Dragon Sword, and choose between mercy and revenge, in the improved Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

Experience Ninja Gaiden 3 in even more intense, high-speed and challenging ways — on the PlayStation 3. Sharpen the Dragon Sword, fine-tune your skills and immerse yourself in the all-new, highly evolved story that continues the Ninja Gaiden saga with even more weapons and Ninpo, a new character progression system, a redesigned battle system and the return of dismemberment. Wield devastating and deadly weapons, including the Jinran-Maru & Blade of the Archfiend swords, Lunar Staff and Kusari-gama to attack your foes with visceral force, sever limbs and even slice them completely in two. Experience the combat as female warriors Ayane, Kasumi and Momiji, and play through Ayane's own chapters in Story mode. Put your skills to the test as Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi or Momiji when you compete for the highest score in all 10 chapters of the story in the new Chapter Challenge mode. Uncover and collect Crystal Skulls hidden in each story to be transported to vicious boss battles featuring intense enemies from the franchise's history in the new Tests of Valor Challenge. Take the fight online with up to seven other players and gain access to all the DLC from Ninja Gaiden 3, five new stages for Clan Battles and more. The world is full of complex dangers, but deep behind Ryu Hayabusa's disguise, you'll discover that the soul of a hero harbors even darker secrets.

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Slip behind the mask of the famed warrior, Ryu Hayabusa, as you fight to lift a curse that threatens to destroy you

Unleash brutal and visceral attacks to sever arms or legs from your enemies, or even slice a foe completely in half while battling an improved enemy AI with the redesigned battle system

For the first time, engage in combat as female ninjas Ayane, Kasumi and Momiji in both Chapter Challenge and Ninja Trials modes — plus, you can experience Ayane-exclusive chapters in Story mode

Wield Hayabusa's three deadly weapons, in addition to the new Jinran-Maru & Blade of the Archfiend swords, Lunar Staff and Kusari-gama to take down your enemies

Expand your skills with Inferno, Wind Blades and Piercing Void Ninpo, and use the Ninja Skills Upgrade system to earn Karma in battle that can be exchanged for weapon and Ninpo upgrades, feats, costumes and more

Face off against familiar adversaries from the franchise's most intense battles in the all-new Tests of Valor Challenge when you acquire hidden Crystal Skulls in each story

Choose from Ryu, Ayane, Momiji or Kasumi, and put your skills to the ultimate test when you compete for the high score in each of the 10 story chapters with the new Chapter Challenge mode

Gain access to the DLC from Ninja Gaiden 3, as well as five new stages for Clan Battles, and use your earned Karma to purchase up to 64 customizable features for the Unknown Ninja

Connect with friends to embark in up to 100 co-op Ninja Trials missions as Ryu, Ayane, Momiji and Kasumi

For 1 player offline; 2 to 8 players online

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