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It's not your mother's kitchen anymore! Technology has changed cooking for the better, and we've gathered helpful information on some of the most exciting innovations out there.

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Double Ovens
Double ovens
  • Two ovens in one unit lets you cook multiple dishes at different temperatures, all at once
  • Warming zones let you keep one dish warm while cooking another — perfect for hosing parties or preparing large holiday meals
  • You can cook in one oven while cleaning the other
  • Different palates in one household? You can cook to different tastes, like one crispy pizza in one oven and one with a soft crust in the other
  • Available in gas or electric, double ovens come in a wide array of sizes

Induction Cooking
Induction Cooking
  • Induction cooktops can be purchased separately or as a built-in feature of select ranges.
  • Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy and is more energy-efficient than standard electric heat.
  • Cooking heat can be instantly and precisely adjusted.
  • Your kitchen and cooktop will both stay surprisingly cool.
  • This cooking has a high level of safety. Place your hand on an induction element and you won't get burned!
  • The ceramic glass surface is very easy to clean.
  • The use of electromagnetic energy requires cast iron or steel pots and pans. Copper and aluminum cookware will not work with this technology.

Convection Cooking
Convection Cooking
  • Convection cooking is available in gas or electric ranges and wall ovens.
  • A fan circulates heat throughout the oven for quick, even cooking and consistent results.
  • Cooking trays can be placed at any height with equal results. For example, you can cook three racks of cookies at once and not burn the bottom rack.
  • A convection element inside the back oven wall provides an additional source of heat.
  • A special convection conversion feature allows you to easily convert standard recipes to convection cooking times and temperatures.
  • You can switch between convection baking/roasting and conventional baking/roasting.

Easy-Clean Technologies
Easy-Clean Technologies
Steam Clean Ranges
  • Add a small amount of tap water and rapidly steam your oven clean. Afterwards, the surface can be easily wiped down without the use of cleansers.

Hidden Bake Element
  • Hidden beneath the oven floor, this bake element provides more evenly balanced heat by warming the bottom and sides of the oven.
  • As it is hidden, the bake element is protected from spills and drips. The smooth oven floor is easy to reach and clean.

Warming Drawers
Warming Drawers
  • You can maintain the warmth and moisture within cooked dishes and baked desserts until you're ready to serve.
  • Install this in a kitchen as a separate appliance, or purchase one as part of a new range.