Qualifying laptop computers must be in good working condition. We reserve the right to refuse any trade-in for any reason.

ESTIMATES: To find an estimate of the amount we might offer, go to Condition, documentation and included accessories may all affect the estimated value.

OFFER: The amount we offer you may vary significantly from the estimate found on the Web site.

PAYMENT: The average payment varies over time (depending on dates and locations), but is usually higher than $100. This does not indicate that every customer will receive $100 or more, or that every item will be valued at $100 or higher. The amount we actually pay you upon trade-in will depend on OUR evaluation of a number of factors, including product condition, age, specifications, etc.

You are responsible for removing any data from your device before providing the product back to us. You will be required to sign an agreement in store. For complete details, go to our Trade In page, or visit your local store to speak to a Customer Specialist or Geek Squad Agent.