Trade-In Plus

Trade-in Plus™ FAQs

Add our Trade-In Plus plan when you buy any new contract mobile phone and we'll give you the full trade-in value plus a $50 Best Buy gift card when you're ready to upgrade.

What is Trade-In Plus for Best Buy Mobile? How does the offer work?

Trade-In Plus plan provides you with a $50 Best Buy gift card in addition to the trade-in value of your mobile phone at the time of redemption.

How do I get the Trade-in Plus plan?

Buy Geek Squad Protection with your contract mobile phone and you receive two-years of Trade-In Plus for free. Your Geek Squad Protection contract must be in good standing at the time of redemption.

Can I still get Trade-In Plus for my phone if don't want to purchase Geek Squad Protection?

You can buy Trade-in Plus without purchasing Geek Squad Protection as a standalone purchase with your contract mobile phone for $29.98. The two-year contract term remains the same.

When can Trade-In Plus be redeemed?

The Trade-In Plus contract begins 31 days after the original purchase date.

What happens when I'm ready to redeem my Trade-In Plus plan?

Come to any Best Buy location that accepts trade-ins. The Best Buy Customer Specialist will use the trade-in application to determine the Trade-In Plus value, which will be the trade-in value plus $50.

How is trade-in value determined?

The trade-in value of the product is based on:

  • The product's current trade-in value according to the Trade-In system
  • Condition of the product — good, fair, poor
  • Accessories — you are required to provide any accessories that came with the device. If you do not have the accessories with you at the time of trade in, the cost will be deducted from the final Trade-In Plus value.