The Digital TV transition is now complete. Full-power TV stations across the country are now broadcasting exclusively with digital signals. Here are 3 ways to receive digital TV signals.
Converter Box

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If you have an old analog TV and an indoor/outdoor antenna, then you need to purchase a converter box.

Satellite Dish

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TV service ›

If you have cable or satellite TV, you're ready for digital TV. Your reception should be fine.

Digital TV

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You'll be able to pick up digital signals using your current antenna.

DTV Transition FAQs
Converter Box Coupons
Converter Box Coupons

I'm really confused about converter box coupons. Can I still get one?
No, unfortunately the application deadline has passed.

I have an expired converter box coupon that I didn't use. Can I get a new one?
No, unfortunately the application deadline has passed.

How do I use my converter box coupon? Can I use it online at
Visit your local Best Buy store and purchase an eligible converter box. Please present your coupon at the checkout counter. Unfortunately, you may not use your coupon to make a purchase on

Antennas & Over-the-Air Reception
Antennas & Over-the-Air Reception

Do I need a new antenna to go with my converter box?
Your current indoor/outdoor antenna should work fine, but it's possible that a new antenna may solve certain reception problems if you are currently using a very old model. In general, though, if your antenna was able to receive analog signals, you should not have to purchase a new model that is marketed as "digital ready" or "HD ready."

I have all the equipment I need for digital TV, but my antenna doesn't seem to be picking up all the stations I used to have. What can I do?
For helpful tips on improving reception for both indoor and outdoor antennas (and much more about the DTV transition), please visit or read info from the Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition.

Also, if you are using an antenna, make sure to do a channel scan. This will ensure you are picking up any new stations that have switched to digital. To perform a scan, look for a button (usually on your remote) that says "set-up," "menu" or something similar. Press that button and use the directional arrows on your remote to scroll to "channel scan" or something similar. For complete instructions, refer to the manual that came with your converter box or TV.

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