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Your Electronics Waste Energy Even After They're Turned Off

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Your home electronics use a lot of electricity when they are turned on, but did you know that many AV electronics and computer equipment, go into stand-by and continue to consume electricity, even after you've turned them off?

This constant electrical usage is called by many names: "stand-by," "idle current," "phantom load," or "vampire energy," and 'leaking electricity." Whatever you call it, stand-by energy waste can account for up to 20% of your home's electricity use, according the U.S. Department of Energy.

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The list of "energy vampires" in your home is long: HDTVs, DVD and CD players, video game systems, AV receivers, cell phone chargers, computers, printers, scanners, and more. Although stand-by energy use is a fraction of what equipment uses when it's fully on, it all adds up quickly.

Of course, stand-by energy waste not only increases your electric bill, it also increases your carbon footprint. The energy needed to support your home's stand-by power waste is often generated by coal burning plants that pollute the air, or nuclear power plants that generate radioactive waste.

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Introducing Monster GreenPower™ Energy Saving Technology


We're proud to bring you a new generation of PowerCenters featuring Monster GreenPower energy saving technologies. Of course, these PowerCenters also have the same advanced Monster surge protection for maximum equipment lifespan, and patented Clean Power™ filtering for improved performance from all your AV and computer equipment.

EP IR 2550 PowerCenter

HD IR 2550 High
Definition PowerCenter™

Use your remote to automatically cut power to energy wasting equipment. Remote controlled outlets on the PowerCenter switch off to stop stand-by waste by HDTVs, AV receivers, amplifiers, subwoofers and more.

MP HDP 900G PowerCenter

Monster GreenPower™ is a revolutionary new way to automatically reduce energy waste and save money. Simply plug your HDTV into the GreenPower Control socket. When it's turned off, the other GreenPower sockets automatically switch off. This eliminates stand-by energy waste by other connected equipment like your DVD player, receiver, subwoofers. When your HDTV turns back on, the GreenPower sockets automatically power up again.

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