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Tim McGrawLet It Go [Original Release]CD715187897427 Front

Let It Go [Original Release]  -  CD


Tim McGraw

| SKU:  8271933
Release Date:  3/27/2007
5.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 (2 reviews)

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1. Last Dollar (Fly Away)(4:30)
2. I'm Workin'(3:40)
3. Let It Go(3:45)
4. Whiskey And You(3:47)
5. Suspicions(5:16)
6. Kristofferson(3:23)
7. Put Your Lovin' On Me(3:34)
8. Nothin' To Die For(4:13)
9. Between The River And Me(3:53)
10. Train #10(3:58)
11. I Need You(4:08)
12. Comin' Home(4:06)
13. Shotgun Rider [2007](4:23)
14. If You're Reading This(4:12)


Release Date
Original Release Date
56 minutes, 48 seconds
Country Rock


Performer Tim McGraw

Customer Reviews

Let It Go [Original Release] - CD (2 out of 2)
True Country
Posted by: from on 09/09/2008Tim McGraw didn't get to be a country superstar by having the best voice in Nashville. He did it by having the best ear in town. Every Tim McGraw CD has been marked by the impeccable selection of songs. And "Let Go" continues the family tradition. It's another collection of powerful songs including "Train No. 10," "Shotgun Rider," "Put Your Lovin' On Me" and "Comin' Home." These alone would be enough to make this CD a success but wouldn't earn it 5 Stars. For that you need a little bit more and different. And Tim gives us the extra effort with a kids' chorus on "Last Dollar," a Metallica-like break on the brilliant "Between The River And Me" and by overturning our expectations of the usual duet with Mrs. McGraw by not giving us another syrupy love song but by choosing a meditation on the addictive nature of love, "I Need You" (I need you like a needle needs a vein) in which even Faith sings with a desperate gravitas we don't expect from her. Now don't think my saying Tim doesn't have the best voice in Nashville means he isn't a masterful singer, able to comfortably handle anything from the uptempo cowboy songs to the agonizingly honest ballads like this CD's brilliant "Nothing To Die For." As his songs show more maturity so do his vocals. He is no longer just a singer but a first class interpreter. His vocals take these high quality songs and elevates them further. He has handled the jump from superstar to artist with complete success. His creative vision and ability to wonderfully convey it is a rarity in music, especially country music with its pretty boys in hats and Shania wannabes. The new Tim McGraw CD is a complete success that doesn't let it go after the music stops. It stays with you and leaves you wanting more.

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Best Album Yet
Posted by: from on 09/20/2007Tim Is great in this album. Best Country Album this year. I would highly recommend this album to country music lovers

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