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Learn About Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) technology offers you the chance to interact with and fully experience the action, sound and visual imagery of three-dimensional video games, video clips, movies and more. With virtual-reality headsets and other compatible entertainment components, you can feel immersed in a virtual environment.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

A virtual-reality headset, viewer, or goggles are at the center of a VR experience, allowing you to feel more like you're actually part of a game or movie. Two features that can affect your virtual reality experience are the headset fit and the degree of latency.

In order to surround you in the audio and video experiences of virtual reality games and cinema, a virtual reality headset encompasses your eyes and ears. You'll want a comfortable, snug fit that's not too tight — you don't want to become uncomfortable because of irritating friction against your nose or ears. A convincing, virtual world is created when what you see updates as you move your head, with minimal latency. Increased latency can cause some people to feel sick when wearing a virtual-reality headset. However, modern head-tracking and display technology make it possible to create a realistic VR experience with minimal latency.

Virtual Reality-Ready Players and Gaming Computers

To fully experience PC games and other software in 3D, you'll need a player or computer that is capable of delivering high-quality graphics to a virtual-reality headset. This requires a player or computer with a powerful graphics card and processor. It's also recommended that your computer have at least 8GB of RAM in order to download VR content. The number of VR-ready PCs continues to grow, so you'll have a variety of options to choose from in order to enjoy smooth gameplay, even when running graphics-heavy games.

Virtual Reality Accessories

Expand your media adventures and social gaming communities with accessories and peripherals created for virtual reality. For example, a VR controller offers seamless integration with virtual-reality games. Beyond PC gaming, virtual-reality experiences also encompass other forms of video. Virtual reality-compatible cameras capable of filming in 360 degrees offer you the chance to view and edit your footage, along with other VR-ready components.