Petz Hamsterz 2 — PRE-OWNED - Nintendo DS

ESRB Rating: Everyone
Comic mischief
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  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Release Date: 05/11/2010
  • Color Category: Multi
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What do you do when you feel blue? How about a constant cuddly companion to pick you up when you're down? In Petz Hamsterz 2, you get to care for up to 12 hamster pals, including two rare unlockable breeds. Customize their cages, collect toys and accessories and even wind up with baby hamsters. It's so much fun to pick up your DS and see how your furry friends are doing anywhere, anytime.

Keep an eye on your tiny playmates to make sure they're healthy and happy. Make up to three of their cages look truly unique as you collect more than 200 toys and accessories, plus 34 treasure items. Males and females live together and just might make you some little hamster bundles of joy. You can also play fun mini games and visit your friends' hamster cages via Nintendo Wi-Fi. Your little friends will always be safe and sound inside your portable Nintendo DS.

Product Features

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Game may not include original artwork and/or manual

Puts you in charge of up to 12 hamsters, including two special and unlockable breeds

Collect more than 200 toys and accessories and 24 treasure items that you can place in up to three cages

Arrange a meeting between cute male and female hamsters to see if they make a new hamster family

Play entertaining mini games to take a break from caring for your furry friends

See how other players have decorated their hamsters' cages via Nintendo Wi-Fi

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