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  • Publisher: Konami
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Release Date: 09/24/2013
  • Color Category: Multi
  • Product Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PRE-OWNED
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When you sit down to watch a Saturday football match, you expect to see and experience a few things every single time. First, you watch the game so you can revel in the wonder of finely honed professional athletes taking control over the ball in ways that seem impossible but appear easy. Second, you're looking for some physicality in the game — this is, after all, an intense competition, and when players give it their all, it's inevitable that there will be collisions, slides, jumps and more. Lastly, your butt is in that seat for every single match because soccer has heart. They're your home team, they're your favorite and few sports on Earth have fans that are so dedicated, emotional and invested. So, it only makes sense that when you sit down to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, it captures these inarguable truths about the sport and delivers them to your gameplay experience. With the power of Fox Engine, four years of research and a dedicated team, the PES Productions team has produced a game that does just that.

Get ready to experience an authentic football experience from the second your players step on the pitch. TrueBall Tech gives you the powerful control of a professional athlete with the freedom to use players' bodies to nod, chest or flick the pass into space. A full 360-degree, two-footed control system provides authentic close-quarter experiences and allows you to shield the ball from opponents. When it comes to player physicality, the Motion Animation Stability System delivers with collision reactions that are based on direction, speed, force and size. PES 2014 revolutionizes one-on-one situations by allowing defenders to apply varied levels of pressure and giving attackers the option to out-pace, feint, pass or shoot the ball. With home-team support and the introduction of the 12th man, this game truly has heart that affects the mental attributes of a player when he has a poor game or when one brilliant moment turns the tide. Incredible attention to detail recreates instantly recognizable players with realistic facial animations and movements. You can even experience team dynamics by controlling three or more players at once to execute a variety of tactics on the field. With all of these features and more, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 meets the expectations of soccer fans everywhere.

Product Features

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Experience a new approach to football that mirrors the ebb and flow of real-life matches with the renowned Fox Engine and six central tenets to govern ball control, play physicality, the feel of match day and more

Take total control over the ball with TrueBall Tech, which provides total body freedom to allow you to nod, chest or flick a pass into space, and first touch gameplay that truly sets skilled players apart

Shield the ball from opponents and master close-quarters face-offs with a full 360-degree, two-footed control system and watch your players react to collisions based on their direction, speed, force and size with the Motion Animation Stability System

Revel in varied tackling animations and new realistic ball movements in one-on-one situations that allow defenders to apply varied levels of pressure and give attackers the option to out-pace, feint, pass or shoot when space allows

Feel the emotional drive of the game with features that recreate home team support and introduce the 12th man, as well as affect the emotional state when one player has a bad game or when one brilliant moment turns the tide

Play with your favorites in PES ID that captures each player's full ID with individual animations that are instantly recognizable and goes even further to capture entire teams' playing ethos and style

Grab the reigns with Team Play, and take control of three or more players to execute tactics in key areas of the field, such as create space, exploit space, use the flanks to overlap play and more

Command free kicks that are actually free with the ability to take decoy runs and make short passes, while defenders can move personnel to block the ball

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