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We're Nest.
We reinvent things.

Like smoke alarms and thermostats. They're important. Essential, even. But pretty much ignored. Unloved. Ours aren't. Ours think and they learn. And that's why they're beautiful.

Nest Protect Features

Talks to you

Nest Protect gives you a friendly Heads-Up alarm to warn you before an emergency, then a human voice tells you when carbon monoxide levels are rising or where smoke is. This gives you an earlier warning if there's an emergency, or allows you to silence Nest Protect if it's just a nuisance alarm.

Silence the chirp

Low-battery chirps ever rattle your dreams? Nest Protect tests itself continuously and shows you its batteries are working as soon as you turn off the lights.

Nest Protect Features

Senses carbon monoxide (CO)

CO is odorless, invisible and deadly. Nest Protect alerts you to high CO levels, tells you which room the danger is in or if you are in immediate danger.

Safe for kids

Children can sleep through alarms. So in addition to alarm sounds, Nest Protect uses voice alarms to wake kids up and help them avoid danger.

Always know, from anywhere

Get a message on your smartphone or tablet if the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

Nest Protect Wired vs. Battery

Wired 120V

If the smoke or CO alarm you're replacing has a green LED light and connects to wires in your wall or ceiling, then you need Nest Protect (Wired 120V).

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If your old smoke alarm isn't attached to any wires in the ceiling or you want to install Nest Protect in a new place, then you need Nest Protect (Battery).

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Nest Thermostat Features


Turn it up. Turn it down. Nest learns the temperature you like and creates a custom schedule. It's so simple that 99% of Nests have schedules.


To avoid heating or cooling an empty home, Nest automatically turns itself down when you're away.

Remote Control

Connect your Nest thermostat to Wi-Fi to control it from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Nest Thermostat Features

Energy History and Energy Report

See how your temperature adjustments, the weather or Auto-Away affected your energy use.

Nest Leaf

The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to a temperature that's energy efficient, guiding you to energy savings.

System Match

Nest activates custom features, depending on the system you have, to keep you comfortable and help you save energy.

Compatibility checker

The Nest Learning Thermostat works in most homes. To see if it works in yours, use our compatibility checker.

Works with Nest

What if your lights turned on while you were on vacation to fool burglars? Or if your camera automatically saved video clips whenever your smoke alarm went off? Connect your Nest devices to other compatible products around your house, and they'll work together to help you save energy, stay safe and get comfortable.

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We're Nest

Nest Protect

Learning Thermostat

Works with Nest

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Nest - Learning Thermostat - 2nd Generation - Stainless-Steel

Model: T200577
SKU: 6913825
Compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems; Airwave, Auto-Schedule and Auto-Away functions; System Match technology; Wi-Fi connectivity; 1.75" LCD panel
Customer Reviews: 4.6 of 5 4.6 of 5 (365 reviews)


Nest - Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Wired 120V) - Black

Model: S2001LW
SKU: 7046071
Detects smoke and carbon monoxide; Wi-Fi enabled; Heads-Up warning system; voice alarm; pathlight; synchronized alerts
Customer Reviews: 4.4 of 5 4.4 of 5 (20 reviews)


Nest - Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Battery) - White

Model: S2001BW
SKU: 7046053
Detects smoke and carbon monoxide; Wi-Fi enabled; battery light; Heads-Up warning system; voice alarm; pathlight; synchronized alerts
Customer Reviews: 4.9 of 5 4.9 of 5 (20 reviews)
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