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Remote Start Q&A

There's nothing like knowing you're getting into a warm car on a cold winter day or a cool car on one of those hot summer days. And nothing beats controlling your remote start, with limitless range, from your smartphone. If you have questions about remote start, or the peace-of-mind of a car security system, check out our Q&A below.

What's included in basic installation for remote start, car security, and keyless entry systems?

The bottom line is that you'll drive away with your remote start, car security, or keyless entry system working properly. Here are some of the installation services included for all these kinds of systems. Note: Additional parts and labor may be required for some systems and these may cost between $10 and $300.

  • Complete pre-installation and post-installation checklist to ensure we return your vehicle to you in the same condition as when you dropped it off
  • Consult with you to determine mounting location of LED and valet switches
  • Mount LED, valet switches and antenna
  • Mount/conceal wiring to the control module
  • Connect to all applicable circuits
  • Mount/conceal control module
  • Test all functions
  • Demonstrate unit functionality so you leave knowing how it all works

What else is included in remote start and remote start with keyless entry installation?

  • Mount antenna and route/conceal wiring to the control module
  • Mount hood switch and route/conceal wiring into the vehicle

What else is included in any car security installation package?

  • Mount siren in a secure location and route/conceal wiring into the vehicle
  • Mount shock sensor and route/conceal wiring to the control module

What's the difference between a 1-way remote start and a 2-way remote start?

It's all about confirmation that your car started. With 2-way remote start systems, your module sends a signal to the car in order to start it. Then, when the car is started, it sends a confirmation signal back to you so you know the car has started properly.

A 1-way remote start system will not send a confirmation back to you. However, most vehicles will flash their lights when the engine starts. So, if you choose a 1-way system you'll just need to be within sight of your car to confirm that it has started.

If I buy a security system from someone else, will you install it? How much will it cost?

Yes. Regardless of where you purchased your car electronics, we'll expertly install them to your car's specifications. Basic Geek Squad installation for car security or remote start systems starts at just $119.99.

Do remote start systems disable my vehicle's remote keys (key fobs)?

No. Your key fob will still lock/unlock the doors of your vehicle after a remote start system is installed.

Can you install a remote start in a vehicle with manual transmission?

Yes. Some vehicals with manual transmission can get a remote start system installed. However, there are vehicles with manual transmission that will not accept a remote start system. Contact your local Best Buy at 1-888-BestBuy to talk to a certified Autotech about your specific make and model.

If I buy a remote start from someone other than the dealer will it void my warranty?

In 1975 the Federal Trade Commission passed a law that protects you. The law says that if you purchase and install accessories in your vehicle, it will not void your warranty unless the manufacturer has been able to prove that the installation and/or service will cause a malfunction to the vehicle, and that the restriction is in the public interest. Installing a security device or remote start does not fall into that category and will not void your warranty.

How close to my car do I need to be for my remote start to work?

You can find remote start systems that will start your car from a distance of about 800 feet, all the way up to even a mile away. Or, with a simple add-on you can get unlimited range by starting your car with an app on your smartphone. Keep in mind, if you ever park in a garage, or a space with a lot of buildings, trees or other obstacles in the way, you may need a more powerful remote. So make sure you select a system with plenty of range to make sure you're never left out in the cold.

How much should I expect to pay for basic installation of my remote start or car security system?

Basic Geek Squad installation starts at just $119.99. However, when you're comparing prices, note that Best Buy prices for these systems include basic installation (excluding Marketplace items). Also, some systems require extra parts and labor that go beyond basic installation and cost extra. Just talk to a Geek Squad Autotech for more details.

Note: A materials fee of $5 will be assessed at the time of installation. Other additional charges for vehicle-specific parts and additional labor may apply. These parts typically cost $10–$300 but will vary based upon your specific vehicle and the alarm, remote start and keyless entry system you are having installed. See Geek Squad installation product detail page, or contact your Best Buy store for full details.

How long will it take to install my new system?

Typically install takes 2–4 hours.

Will my new security system work with my factory security system?

Yes. However, some vehicles will require a small additional labor charge to integrate it with the factory security system.

Can a thief hop in my vehicle and drive away with it after I start it remotely?

No. If the key is not in the vehicle, as soon as the brake pedal is pressed to put the vehicle in gear the engine will stop. Additionally, the steering wheel in most vehicles is locked until the ignition key is turned on.

How long is the warranty on my new remote start or car security system?

Typically, you'll enjoy lifetime warranty on the hardware, one-year warranty on the transmitters, and lifetime warranty on the installation.

Can I control my remote start system using my smartphone?

Yes, with an add-on module installed and yearly service, you can start your vehicle with apps that you can download on most smartphones.