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Watch on-demand videos on your TV, PC, game console, mobile phone, Blu-ray player or other device.

Why Buy On-Demand?

  • Watch movies and TV shows when and where you want.
  • Choose from thousands of videos to rent or buy.
  • Earn Reward Zone® points on all of your on-demand video purchases.

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Search by title, release date or format (on-demand, Blu-ray, DVD).

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Check the product title and image for the digital download format, whether it's available to buy or rent and the rental viewing period.

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The product detail page shows you the compatible devices, tech info and requirements for watching your video.

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Express Checkout lets you quickly buy a single digital download using your account. You can skip the cart.

Get Your On-Demand Video

During checkout and later by e-mail, you will get instructions on how to use the downloader to get your on-demand video.

Watch Your On-Demand Video

Go to Your Digital Library

When you're ready to watch your on-demand video, go to My Library on your device.

Watching on Your Computer?

If you choose a video that is available to stream and download, you will see two buttons in My Library: Watch Now (stream) or Start Download. If you choose Start Download, you'll need to install RoxioNow Player from You may choose to download your video to a laptop for playback without a high-speed Internet connection. If the video is not available to stream, you will only see the Download button in My Library.

Watching on Another Type of Device?

To watch your on-demand video on another device, turn on your device and open the CinemaNow player application. This player application will already be installed on CinemaNow-ready devices. Then select your video from My Library and start watching.

Link Your Best Buy and CinemaNow Accounts to:

• Add to your CinemaNow library while on

• View and redeem all CinemaNow purchases from your console and on

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Watching On-Demand Video Rentals?

The viewing rental period will vary by title. Your digital download rental will remain in your digital library for 30 days until you begin your rental viewing period. If you are renting an on-demand video, your viewing period begins the first time you watch your video.

Note: You can watch a rental only on one device or computer. You cannot begin streaming a video and then switch to download onto a different device.


  • What are on-demand videos?

    On-demand videos are available 24/7 wherever you have an Internet connection. A digital video provider gives you online access to movies and TV shows for watching on compatible playback devices. On-demand videos are stored in a digital video library that you can access from computers and playback devices, so you can watch your video later.

  • What is CinemaNow?

    Currently the on-demand videos available on are provided by Best Buy CinemaNow. A digital video provider gives you online access to movies and TV shows for on-demand viewing on playback devices you choose.

  • How do I find out if my device will play this video?

    Each on-demand video product detail page includes technical information about the device types you can use to play back that video. CinemaNow-ready playback devices will have the CinemaNow player application preloaded. Many of these devices are PC and Mac computers, Blu-ray players, smart TVs, game systems, set-top boxes and portable/mobile devices.

  • Can I play my videos using a Mac?

    Mac users will need to stream the title using the web-based player application from CinemaNow. Currently not all titles will be available for streaming and play back on a Mac. If a title is not available for streaming, Mac users can still sign in to manage My Library and watch their videos on connected devices.

  • Why do I need a CinemaNow account?

    You will create a CinemaNow account when you activate your CinemaNow-ready device or purchase your first digital video at You can manage your digital video library at and access your videos to watch when you want and on multiple devices.

  • What's the difference between buying and renting?

    When you buy an on-demand video, you can watch it as many times as you like, on different devices.

    When you rent an on-demand video, you have 30 days to start watching it. Your viewing period begins as soon you start watching, and is usually 24-48 hours. During your viewing period, you can watch the video as many times as you'd like. But you can only watch a rental on a single device

  • How many devices can I watch a video on?

    It depends on the title and the vendor. It's usually up to 5 devices for a purchased on-demand video. In My Library, you will see your activated devices and choose which titles to watch on which devices. Rental videos can be watched on only one playback device.

  • Can I buy or rent an on-demand video now, but watch it later?

    Yes. You can purchase an on-demand video anytime at Later when you are ready to watch the video, you will need to log in to using your account information. Your video purchase will be waiting in My Library for you to watch.

    Renting will typically let you play a video as much as you want within 24-48 hours. The viewing period will start to count from the first time you click Play. Currently, you can store a rental video on only one location. A rented movie cannot be synced to a portable video player.

  • How long does it take to download? Can I stream it instead?

    With a fast connection (DSL, cable modem or better) a DVD-quality premium (2200k) title will typically take 60-90 minutes to download. This can vary depending on your Internet connection speed. CinemaNow supports progressive download, which lets you watch a video while it's still downloading.

    You can instantly stream and watch a video when you have a high-speed Internet connection and use the web-based application on a Mac or PC. If the video you selected is available for streaming, you will see a Watch Now button next to your video title.

  • Can I send a digital video as a gift?

    Yes, you can send any digital download item as a gift. When you add your on-demand video to your shopping cart, you can select if you want to send it as a digital gift. Your gift recipient will get an e-mail with your gift message and instructions on how to get the digital gift.

  • What if I have problems downloading the video?

    Please contact the video provider to get their download support. You can find online support for immediate troubleshooting in our digital vendor support directory ›