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Improve Sleep Effectiveness Measure & Track Your Health Manage Pain & Muscle Recovery Manage Your Stress Amplify Sound Wherever You Go Home Skin Treatment Treat Acne at Home Manage Your Fitness Progress Track Your Wellness Progress
Zeo sleep coach Withings blood pressure monitor Tanda professional restore HeartMath EmWave2 Focus Ear Personal Sound Amplifier Personal microderm system CLARO acne treatment Nike+ sportswatch Fitbit personal trainer
What Is It? Zeo sleep coach Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Tanda Professional Restore HeartMath EmWave2 Portable Training Device Focus Ear Personal Sound Amplifier PMD Personal Microderm System CLARO IPL Acne Clearing Device Nike+ Sportswatch and GPS Powered by TomTom FitBit Ultra Activity and Sleep Tracker
How Does It Work? Provides detailed sleep data to help improve sleep Capture, store and display your systole, diastole and BP readings Delivers therapeutic light to tissues for pain relief Learn techniques to rebalance your mind, body and emotions Increase environmental sounds with 20 volume settings Find microderm treatment without the hassle or cost Uses light and heat to kill bacteria and control acne Track your workouts, create routes, and store your data securely Track your fitness activity and sleep quality without wires
Who Is It For? Those looking to improve their sleep effectiveness Anyone in need of blood pressure management Anyone who needs alternative pain management Anyone in need of stress management People with excellent hearing who benefit from amplified sound Those looking for home skin treatment Anyone looking for alternative acne treatments Those in need of fitness tracking and management Anyone looking for a convenient way to track health
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