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Better sleep, better you - relax, rest and revive
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Your Quality of Sleep is Central to Your Quality of Life

The Health Issue

You've read the health reports. You've seen the studies. You know how critical sleep is to your health. If you've had trouble sleeping, you've probably tried a number of remedies to help you get the quality shut-eye you need. If those traditional sleep aids have not lived up to your expectations, don't give up. Let technology help.


Technology-based sleep aids are now available for home use. They are no longer the complicated, futuristic devices they once were. Today, you can bring home the simple, easy-to-use technology that will help you analyze your sleep and improve it. These home-based solutions consist of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and a personalized e-mail coaching program.

Who is it for?

Anyone. Certainly those of us who are frustrated sleepers could benefit greatly from technology that helps us analyze and improve our sleep. But, consider the fact that many people who are sleep deprived don't even know it. And don't forget that the length of time you're in bed doesn't always reflect the quality of sleep you need. So, even if you think you're getting enough rest, you still might benefit from sleep improvement aids.

How does it work?
Zeo Sleep Manager

Zeo® Sleep Manager™ is a comprehensive system designed to help you improve your sleep. Each morning, Zeo will show your quality of sleep from the night before. You'll see on the display how much time you spent in critical REM and deep sleep, two phases of your sleep cycle that are essential for mental clarity and physical well-being. You can also use Zeo to find and manage your "sleep stealers," such as caffeine and stress. It's all designed to improve your sleep for an improved you.

What do I need?
Zeo Sleep Manager

Zeo Sleep Manager with headband and bedside display

Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager

Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager for analyzing REM and deep sleep

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