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Live Healthy Everyday - Optimize Your Health
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Keys to Good Health: Diet, Fitness and Sleep

The Health Issue

We all know how important diet and physical activity are to overall health. And we've all heard the reports about how sleep deprivation can severely impact health and wellness. But how often do we look at all three of these factors together for a more complete understanding of how we can improve our health?


Best Buy has the technology to help you create a healthy lifestyle with diet, fitness and sleep in mind. The simple bathroom scale has been a mainstay for decades, but the Withthings WiFi Body scale allows you to track and analyze not only your weight, but also your BMI and lean mass. It also has improved functions to help you stay motivated and achieve your weight-loss goals.

Even the most diehard workout enthusiasts have trouble determining how many calories they burn during their exercise routines. But now, with the advanced Polar FT7 heart rate monitor, you can be assured of a more intense workout every time.

And, the Zeo® Sleep Manager™ offers high tech sleep aids that you can finally bring home with you. Used together, these three products can be your holistic health and fitness solution.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in a complete approach to health. You don't have to be a "health nut" to gain a more holistic understanding of yourself. And, you don't always have to spend more time on your health to improve it. In fact, these devices can help save you time by maximizing your workout minutes and improving your sleep.

How does it work?
Zeo Sleep Manager

Zeo® Sleep Manager™ is a comprehensive system designed to help you improve your sleep. Each morning, Zeo will show your quality of sleep from the night before. Also use Zeo to find and manage your "sleep stealers," such as caffeine and stress. It's all designed to improve your sleep for an improved you.

Polar FT7

The Polar® FT7 will guide you to a more effective workout every time. Rather than spending more time exercising per day, it's all about making each moment count. This heart rate monitor helps ensure that you are exercising at the right intensity to reach your workout goals. You can also easily track the number of calories burned during each workout, which is critical for weight management and keeps you motivated.

Withings WiFi Body Scale

The Withings WiFi Body Scale sends your weight information to a personal Web page automatically and wirelessly every time you weigh yourself. Then, by using the free Withings iOS/Android app, you can easily retrieve your weight, BMI, fat mass, and lean mass from anywhere.

What do I need?
Diet solutions
Withings WiFi Digital Body Scale

Withings WiFi Digital Body Scale for advanced weight monitoring

Fitness solutions
Polar FT7 Hear Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Hear Rate Monitor to maximize every workout

Sleep solutions
Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager

Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager for analyzing REM and deep sleep

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