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Release the Knots, Relieve the Pain - Devices to Ease Pain and Speed Muscle Recovery
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Speed Muscle Recovery and Ease Pain

The Health Issue

Just about everyone knows what it feels like to pull a muscle. And if you've ever started a workout regimen, you know sore muscles come with the territory. Maybe you even suffer from pain and soreness that limits your daily activities. Do you break out the old heating pad and hope it does the trick? Do you wonder whether it's reaching the muscles that truly need it? And if that's not helping, what's the alternative?


Heat is a well-known and effective tool to relieve pain caused by tight muscles, stress and arthritis. Now Best Buy has the light therapy devices that bring heat where you need it most. By applying warm therapeutic light deep into the tissue, the tända Professional Restore Light Therapy Treatment can relax sore muscles and reduce pain.

Who is it for?

Practically anyone can benefit from the tända Professional Restore Light Therapy Treatment. Whether you're dealing with range-of-motion issues that limit your daily activities, or you have a workout routine that creates sore muscles, light therapy can help reduce the pain, relax muscles and bring greater flexibility.

How does it work?

The tända Professional Restore delivers warm, therapeutic light to relax muscles, reduce pain and increase your range and freedom of motion. By employing this light therapy to your muscles, you can enjoy more freedom, comfort and flexibility.

What do I need?
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