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Learn About the Next Generation of Baby Monitoring

The Health Issue

Babies move. Traditional baby monitors don't. If you've ever felt less than confident that your baby monitor was working properly, you've probably lost hours of sleep wondering if your baby was all right. You might have even spent a lot of time getting up at night to unnecessarily check on the baby. Those lost hours of sleep can have a negative effect on your overall health, your productivity, and your ability to be the best parent you can be.


So, if you're a parent, how do you get the rest you need and remain confident that your baby monitor will alert you when necessary? Turn to the technology available right here at Best Buy. The iBaby monitor not only lets you see and hear your baby from anywhere, you can also control it to move with your baby, so you're never out of touch. An easy setup lets you monitor your baby and control the camera with the touch of a button. Plus, you can get alerts wherever you are, so you can respond when you need to.

Who is it for?

Parents who want added peace-of-mind when putting their baby to sleep, or leaving a babysitter in charge, can benefit from the iBaby monitor. Maybe you're a pet owner who wants to keep tabs on the house. Let iBaby put you at ease and in control.

How does it work?
iHealth - iBaby Monitor

After a simple installation and setup of the iBaby camera, you can see and hear your baby on your smartphone, tablet or computer using the free iBaby app. Then, follow your little one with an up/down, left/right swipe of your smartphone or tablet's iOS 4.0+ touch screen, or with the click of a computer mouse. Alerts let you know of any movement or changes so you can respond immediately. Plus, the two-way audio function lets you speak to your baby from anywhere and offer the comfort of your voice when you both need it most. If your child is a light sleeper, have no fear. Infrared technology lets you see your child clearly without interrupting sleep.

What do I need?

Smartphone or tablet with iOS 4.0+ touch screen, or PC

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