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Hear Every Moment -  - Optimize Your Familiy's Health
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Make sounds louder in difficult situations

The Health Issue

Even people with excellent hearing can have trouble distinguishing certain sounds in many situations. We've all experienced times when we couldn't hear as well as we'd like. Whether it's outdoors or in busy rooms, there are many times when our natural hearing could use a boost. Usually, we have trouble hearing for one of two reasons: either the sound we're trying to distinguish is too soft, or there is too much competing sound for our ears to isolate the sound.


Let the technology you'll find at Best Buy provide the help you need. Focus Ear is an elite brand of Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP) that's designed to improve standard hearing in difficult situations. Focus Ear BTEs (Behind the Ears) are simple to use, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Who is it for?

Even people without hearing impairment who would like a boost to their hearing, can benefit from Focus Ear devices. Some typical uses are for listening to lectures if you're too far from the sound source, for hunting or bird watching, and hearing distant conversations in loud environments. Focus Ear devices are not intended to amplify speech or environmental sound for individuals with impaired hearing or to compensate for hearing impairment.

How does it work?
FocusEar Personal Sound Amplifier

Let Focus Ear turn ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing. With multiple audio bands to choose from, your Focus Ear unit offers many choices for clearer hearing. Automatic noise detection makes operation simple and hassle-free. And the best part is that each of the Focus Ear Personal Amplifier options are so small and discreet that nobody will notice you're wearing one.

What do I need?
FocusEar Personal Sound Amplifier

FocusEar Personal Sound Amplifier of your size and color choice

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