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Learn How You Can Treat Acne at Home

The Health Issue

If you've ever had to deal with acne, you're not alone. Millions of young people, and even adults, have felt their confidence waver when they look in the mirror and find an acne outbreak. Many of us have struggled to take control of our skin, or even just understand better techniques for managing outbreaks. Typically, treatment involved trips to the dermatologist and expensive medications. But technology is changing, and so is acne treatment.


Did you know that at Best Buy, you can now find the high-tech products designed to help you manage acne? The natural light therapy, available in a number of different devices, is now affordable and ready to take home. The results can be fast and effective.

Who is it for?

This technology is ideal for anyone looking for a natural, drug-free alternative to help control their acne without costly trips to the dermatologist.

How does it work?
CLARO - Acne Clearing Device

CLARO is a handheld device that uses both heat and light to help clear acne quickly and naturally. The Intense Pulse Light technology, which you may have seen in a dermatologist's office, is now available in a convenient, easy-to-use handheld device that you can take anywhere.

tända Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Solution

The tända Clear+ combines powerful bacteria-killing blue light with sonic vibration and gentle warming to help treat deep into your skin where you need it the most.

ZENO - Hot Spot

Hot Spot is a device that uses thermal technology to treat acne fast. The Hot Spot device delivers an optimum level of heat that's designed to destroy the bacteria that causes pimples.

What do I need?
CLARO - Acne Clearing Device

CLARO acne clearing device

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