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Measure & Track Your Success - Weight management with a tech advantage
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Find the Technology that Can Be Your Sleep, Diet and Fitness Coach

The Health Issue

Motivation. It's tough to stay motivated if we don't have the support structure to keep us on track. We've all let our workout routines slip. Everyone has over-done the calories at some point. And, most people tend to neglect their sleep habits far too often. We're human. We make mistakes. That's why it's so important to let today's advanced technology keep us on the right path.


At Best Buy, we have the devices to help you stay motivated and track your progress accurately as you work toward your fitness goals. Whether you need help measuring the distances you walk or run, you want a system to easily track your calories at every meal and view your heart rate statistics, or you're looking for an aid to help you get a better night's sleep, the technology you're looking for is right here.

Who is it for?

Practically anyone can benefit from the types of products that help us reach our fitness goals. Whether you're already living healthy and just need to keep on track, or you need an effective coach to get you started in the right direction, the latest technology can help.

How does it work?
Fitbit Ultra Wireless Personal Trainer

The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Personal Trainer practically does it all. Measure your daily steps, distances, and calories burned, then upload all your information to your personal Fitbit Web site wirelessly. Chart all your progress to stay motivated, and even track your sleep.

Bring home a complete weight loss management system with the Bodymedia FIT System. Not only does it track all your calories, you'll also have access to highly accurate activity information and sleep patterns. Continue your tracking by uploading all the data to your PC. Even sync with your smartphone for mobile tracking.

New Balance has created a fitness watch that gives you real-time heart rate data with the push of a button. No chest strap is needed, just a fingertip to push the button on your headphones. That's all it takes to get the information you need to keep your heart rate on track.

The Adidas MiCoach is more than just a sports watch. It adjusts your training plan and actually coaches you through your workouts, depending on the type of sport or activity you plan. This audible coach provides accurate heart rate data, and it measures your speed, distance and stride rate. Plus, it syncs to where you can track your progress.

What do I need?
Bodymedia FIT System

Bodymedia FIT System

Bodymedia app

Bodymedia app with Bluetooth technology works with the Bodymedia weight loss system