2016 Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs


Brilliant color.

Triluminos display


Dramatic contrast.

extended range

Sony Z-Series: Unrivaled Picture Quality

If TVs are measured on picture quality, then the Sony Z-series stands alone. Near-perfect black levels combine with the ability to reproduce the brightness and color of the real world, while your favorites get upscaled and enhanced to look like 4K HDR.


See More Shades of Red, Green and Blue

Get a more realistic picture with added color and depth.

TV with hot air balloons, Distinguish various shades of red in the balloons, See many shades of blue in the sky, The many shades of green add a feeling of depth, Newly enhanced picture engine

HDR Contrast Beyond Compare

Details come alive with a wider range of brightness and black levels.

TVs, Black levels are as dark as real life, Bright screens shine brilliantly, Details and textures emerge

More Than Just Smart TV

The familiarity of Android comes to the biggest screen in your home, and it's so much more than just a smart TV.

Google Play

Google Play

Your favorite shows and apps

Voice Search

Voice Search

Just say what you want to see

Google Cast

Google Cast

Cast from your Android or iOS device



Play games on your phone;
continue on your TV

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon instant video, Pandora

Only from Sony. 4K Ultra HD Quality from the Cinema to Your Home.

Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs bring a decade of Sony 4K cinema technology from the theater to your living room.

Video camera, movie studio
From Hollywood

Hollywood hit movies created in 4K with digital motion picture cameras.

Projector, people watching movie
To the Movie Theater

Shown in over 15,000 theaters worldwide with 4K digital cinema projectors.

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TV, streaming media player, people watching TV
To Your Living Room

Now you can bring the theater home with a 4K HDR Ultra HD TV and the Ultra streaming service from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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