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Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator [DVD]
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Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator, Vol. 4 - The Man
Uncover the personal side of Ronald Reagan in this final volume of the four-part documentary series on the life of the 40th U.S. President. This video depicts Reagan as a human being, rather than as just a politician. Begin by studying the man from boyhood to adulthood and find out how he discovered acting and then politics. There are stories told about his relationship with his parents and about his early days in Hollywood. To show the lighter side of this powerful figure, there are several slip-ups, mistakes, and spontaneous jokes Reagan has uttered over the years. Once inside the White House, this documentary again shows Reagan as an everyday man, who also happened to be Commander in Chief. ~ Cecilia Cygnar, Rovi

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator, Vol. 1 - The Reagan Presidency (1981-1989)
A fundamentalist mother and an alcoholic father raised Ronald Reagan. These and other early biographical facts about this former U.S. president are presented in this first segment of this PBS series. Reagan later attended college and became a radio sportscaster. While many disagree as to the level of success he achieved in Hollywood, Reagan did develop a strong following among many. While in Hollywood, he became seriously interested in political issues. His belief that communism was a major threat to the Hollywood community convinced him to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. Though this part of the series seeks just to provide information about Reagan's early life, most Americans know that Reagan went on to successfully run for governor of California before winning the 1980 and 1984 presidential elections. ~ Elizabeth Smith, Rovi

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator, Vol. 3 - Reagan on Government and the American Dream
This video is volume three of the four-pack set Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator. The documentary highlights the Reagan revolution that dominated most of the '80s. This video features clips of Reagan and his points of view on challenging larger government, changes in the tax structure, the expansion of the U.S. economy, reduction in government waste, his vision of every individual pursuing the American Dream, and a speech of how he sees America as "a shining city on a hill." This 85- minute video of the nation's 40th president is a sample collection of a time and a place and of a dominant figure of the 20th century. ~ Forrest Spencer, Rovi

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator, Vol. 2 - The Military and the Soviet Union
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