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American DJ - Snap Shot II LED Strobe Light - White - Larger Front
  • Model: SNA532
  • SKU: 4307001
220 white LEDs; 15W max power; plastic case design; adjustable strobe speed
SAVE $4Was $75.99
Eliminator Lighting - Electro Swarm LED Lighting - Black - Larger Front
  • SKU: 5712690
6 x 1W LEDs; 15W total power consumption; 90-degree beam angle lenses; sound active; stepper motor
SAVE $19Was $119.99
Cornet - BHS-004 Strobe Light - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: BHS-004
  • SKU: 5712752
Uses just 7W of power; adjustable speed control; max 10 flashes per second
SAVE $13.30Was $30.29
American DJ - Par 36 Metal Pinspot Light - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: PI-1000
  • SKU: 9162728
From our expanded online assortment; 30W lamp; screw-on front cap; 4' power cord
Eliminator Lighting - Electro 4 Pak II LED Lighting - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: ELECTRO 4 PAK II
  • SKU: 5712696
56x LEDs; 30W total power consumption; 30-degree beam angle lenses; low heat emission; 100,000-hour LED lifetime
Eliminator Lighting - EUV 10 LED Fixture - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: EUV10
  • SKU: 5712687
10 x 1W UV LEDs; 12W total power consumption; daisy chaining power cords feature; low-profile design
SAVE $1Was $129.99
Eliminator Lighting - Fog Machine Timer Remote Control - Larger Front
  • Model: EF TRM
  • SKU: 5712694
Designed for use with Eliminator Lighting E-118, EF-400, E-119 and EF-1000 fog machines; timer and power on/off buttons; interval and duration controls; LED indicators
ADJ - Micro 3D II Laser Lighting - Left
  • Model: MIC314
  • SKU: 5084607
Produces more than 200 green and red laser rotatable beams; 9W power consumption; 2 operational modes; fan cooled; IR Remote Control & Airstream IR with transmitter; dual hanging bracket
Eliminator Lighting - Black-48 (E-124) UV Light - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: E124
  • SKU: 5712754
Fluorescent light bulb; quick start electronic ballasts; reflector; power cable (1.8 m) included
Eliminator Lighting - EZ-8 II System 8-Channel Controller - Larger Front
  • Model: EZ 8 II SYSTEM
  • SKU: 5712692
On/off power control center; 8 On and Off switches; 25 ft. cable included; 15 Amps max. overall; 100-230V 50/60Hz multi-voltage; 15W power consumption
CHAUVET - DJ COREpar 40 USB Wash Effect Light - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: COREPAR40USB
  • SKU: 5712763
40W LED; 40-degree beam angle; sound active; DMX; auto; master/slave usage modes; 0 - 33 Hz strobe rate; flicker-free; remote controlled; 4-button menu; built-in display; built-in microphone; adjustable beam angle; chip on board (COB) LED technology; replaceable fuse; hanging bracket, power cord and magnetic fresnel lens included
CHAUVET DJ - COLORband T3 USB Strip Light - Black - Larger Front
  • SKU: 5712753
12 LED light bulbs; 27-degree beam angle; sound active; DMX; auto; master/slave; auto run usage modes; 0 - 26 Hz strobe rate; remote controlled; LED display; built-in microphone; 3 zones of control; safety loop; replaceable fuse; hanging bracket, mounting hardware and power cord included
CHAUVET DJ - Scorpion Storm FX RGB Laser - Red - Larger Front
  • SKU: 5712995
Laser; 100-degree coverage angle; sound active; DMX; auto; master/slave usage modes; remote controlled; fan cooled; built-in display; built-in microphone; 4-button control panel; variance-free; replaceable fuse; LED power indicator; LED sound indicator; power cord and IR remote control included
CHAUVET DJ - MiN Laser RG Laser - Blue/black - Larger Front
  • SKU: 5712728
Laser; 80-degree coverage angle; sound active; auto usage modes; remote controlled; built-in microphone; variance-free; cooling fan; hanging bracket, IRC-6 remote control, power adapter and mounting hardware included

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