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Jim Beam - Skillet - Black - Angle
  • Model: JB0159
  • SKU: 5666916
3-Piece set; heavy-duty construction; made from cast iron; set includes skillet, handle mitt and wood trivet
Jim Beam - 7-Piece Carving Set - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0163
  • SKU: 5666923
7-Piece Tool Set includes: barbecue fork and knife with extra-long handles, 4 steak knives, cutting board; hanging loops; stainless steel tool construction; easy to clean
Jim Beam - 4-Piece Knife Set - Silver - Angle
  • Model: JB0165
  • SKU: 5666921
5" serrated blades; steakhouse-style knives; full-tang; stainless steel blades; contour wooden handles
Jim Beam - Branding Iron - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0115
  • SKU: 5666912
Spell out your name on burger; includes branding iron and alphabet pack; strong construction
Jim Beam - Fish-Grilling Basket - Black - Angle
  • Model: JB0116
  • SKU: 5666915
Extra-long parawood handle; easy-to-clean; sturdy metal cage
Jim Beam - Chicken Wing Rack - Silver - Angle
  • Model: JB0171
  • SKU: 5666910
Holds up to 12 wings or drumsticks; easy storage; stainless steel material; drip pan included
Jim Beam - Double Burger Press - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0169
  • SKU: 5666924
Great for use with all ground meats; solid wood handle; durable construction
Jim Beam - Grill Brush - Black - Angle
  • Model: JB0117
  • SKU: 5666911
Stainless steel wire bristles; scraping blade; ergonomic grip; removable brush; 2 brush heads included
Jim Beam - Cooking Mitten - Black - Angle
  • Model: JB0113
  • SKU: 5666920
Heavy-duty; neoprene material; textured silicone hand and finger surface; soft and pliable; built-in hanging loop
Jim Beam - Classic Grilling Apron - Black - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0112
  • SKU: 5666900
One size fits all design; 2 oversized pockets; durable fibers material
Jim Beam - Hot Dog Roller - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0172
  • SKU: 5666925
Up to 5 hot dogs; stainless steel construction; wooden detachable handle
Jim Beam - 9-Piece Grilling Set - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0103
  • SKU: 5666909
9-piece grilling set; include spatula with bottle opener, tongs, 3-prong fork, grill-cleaning brush, basting brush, mitt, salt shaker, pepper shaker, easy fold-out stool; parawood and stainless steel materials
Jim Beam - Vacuum Seal Marinade Box - Clear - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0144
  • SKU: 5666926
Air sealer pump; locks in taste; speeds up the marinating process
Jim Beam - 3-Piece Barbecue Set - Silver - Larger Front
  • Model: JB0160
  • SKU: 5666919
3-piece barbecue tool set; Includes slotted turner, grill brush and tongs; rubber gripped handles; heavy-duty stainless steel material
Jim Beam - 18-Piece Cutlery Set - Silver - Angle
  • Model: JB0102
  • SKU: 5666928
Includes tongs, grill fork, serrated-edge spatula, basting brush, 4 steak knives, 4 grill skewers, basting cup, 8 corn holders and wood chopping board

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